The Top Deck

just a little number I wrote on the bus the other day


1. the top deck


On the bus sat on the top i watch out of the window as we come to a stop.
A lady in white with her lolly pop, halts the traffic, children skip and hop, across the road they file to school, i am off to work for another day's gruel.
So on the top deck the teenagers domain, but not at his time of day, its filled with sheep ready to work allday.
There are Chavs with caps and suits with computers on their laps, ladies update facebook and do their make up.
Unshaven men on here this mornin they use the old excuse the alarm is broken.
People ignorant all around blaring music through earphones they dont hear the sounds of the gossiping grannies talking of ills or their latest pills.
Prescibed by the Dr who's not on this bus, he's on his way to work in a brand new Locus!
Well here's my stop to hop off, so thank you suits, Chavs and grannies alike, from now on i might use my bike!
I did like?
The diversity of folk
The cultural Kaleidoscope
The freedom to travel in peace and harmony i will continue to use the bus

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