Each Day

3 girls have days where they are who they are. The 3 girls do things that no other girls do but since there are 3 girls they have 18 days to do what they wish so they can be famous. They will find Love and drama will follow them.


1. The 3 Girls

I was walking down to Social Studies while looking down at the clean marble floor until some other girl bumped into me

making both our books fall. She got up from the hard hit and helped me "i'm so sorry!" she said sadly "oh it's

nothing" I said warmly. I grabbed my books and helped her grab her's "i'm Mira and you are...." she said holding

out her hand "oh um I'm Ava" I said shaking her hand "thank you Ava, i hope we can see each other again" she said

nicely and waved goodbye I waved back. I continued walking down the hall and looked up making sure no one

was in front of me. I put my glasses in place and hoped that I wouldn't be late for class. Once I got to class everyone

was staring at me I awkwardly smiled until they all started laughing 

"look at her!" someone said at the way back," she's trying to be a bad girl"

"HAHAH!" said another," she has pigtails, glasses, and braces why do you think

she wants to be bad!!!!" the whole class laughed "okay okay pipe down student's!"

said the teacher," Ava can you give me a good explanation on why you were late hmm?"

"well um I...." a paper air plane flew across the room and hit me in the face "OW!" I said almost crying.

Everyone started laughing " AHAHAHHA paper air planes don't even HURT!" said a girl with

Curly hair. I went to the back of the classroom and sat down. I hid my face from the attention and cried softly. The bell 

rung and I jumped. I got my books and headed out the class until I stopped and noticed Mira was at her locker I squealed and ran to her. When I stopped she turned around and smiled "HEY AVA!" she said happily "HI!" I said," so what are you doing" "oh nothing just cleaning out my locker" Mira has pigtails braces and glasses just like me but she has suspenders over her cute skirt funny thing too I HAVE THE SAME ONE!. Mira looked behind me and saw a girl getting picked on so she grabbed my hand and went to the bully "HEY!" she said aloud the bully turned to face her "WHAT! FOUR EYES!" he said angrily "you can't pick on people you-you bully!" she said madly "shut the fuck up little four eyes i'm the only one who can pick on people!" he said and left. Mira grabbed the girls hand to help her up "t-thank you" she said smiling "yeah anytime" said Mira "I'm Aria" she said holding out her hand Mira smiled and shook her hand "i'm Mira and this is Ava" I looked at her smiling wide and she smiled back. Aria has long wavy Red hair and I forgot to tell you that Mira has blonde hair. Aria has a skirt with some socks and braces. Aria looked at my hair "i love your dark brown hair" she said grinning I looked at it then back at her "thank you" I said smiling grabbing Aria and Mira's hand right away I knew we are going to be best friends.

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