Poem I wrote based on the famous photo taken August Sander 1928 simply named the Disabled ex-serviceman hope you like?


1. never forgotten


The forgotten warrior of the Great War, living on two wheels grinding on a cobbled floor.
So many brave boys fell in thier thousands you were left to rot in your mobile open coffin and forgotten.
The privileged few can no longer look down on you in that chair with their wealth they did not care, blind to your flight.
They were not on the front line during the fight. And in hindsight they should have looked up to you and not been forgotten.

From the trenches of the Somme to the fields of Flanders you did fight ducking from falling shells, racing bullets and the bloody hell, cut by wire and bit by rat!
Comrades fell one by one, you never fled the images forever in your head,. Returning home limbs broken and missing.
Instead of a heros welcome you were forgotten.
A picture says a thousand words, you had no rights or voice to fight,
from an era of discrimination from a nation that owed you their freedom all that you received was condemnation,
And once again forgotten.
If we could shout down the corridors of time to 1928 we could tell you your suffering and pain was not all in vain,
For generations of the future will stop and go quiet on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
Your wooden wheels will grind and echo through time and we will stand, a red poppy on every woman and man and make sure you are never forgotten,
never forgotten, never forgotten.







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