Roll Dice With Fate

Everyone gets a pen when they're 15. It's a pen with invisable ink. You can do anything with it. But you won't be able to see what you write or draw. It just appears somewhere else. Specifically, on the body or paper of your soulmates'. You're set to marry that person. Fate said so. Mila Auttums recieved her pen, but never used it. Until now. Not much. Just one word. She didn't expect anything to happen. Expect it did. Dax Cannel replied.


3. Chapter 2~

                                                                                 *Dax Cannel*

Before you start reading I would like to say something to you. I am so fucking sorry. I should've updated much sooner and I kept y'all waiting way to long. I am so sorry. I've had writer's block for a while and I still do now as I'm writing this. I'm sorry if everything is out of place or mixed up everywhere. Also, the story will be changing to Mila's POV because it's so much eaiser for me to write in. I hope you understand and keep reading. So, here it is. Chapter 2.


I trotted down the stairs and walked into the kitchen, where Mom, Dad and Jason was waiting for me for dinner. I sat down next to my father and we began eating. Chicken, corn, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Mom's specitality. 

"How was everyone's day?", my mother asked, looking at each of us in turn. 

My father started first and explained how his day was, what he did, what he had for lunch and all the other little details. He was a nurse at the Aupol Memorial Hospital. It was named after a surgeon who tragically died in a plane crash while going to preform a separation surgery on conjoined twins. (Grey's Anatomy fans hmu) He was the only casuality. Part of the plane landed on him and the other surgeons couldn't get him out, eventually he died under there, his fiance holding his hand. (GREYS ANATOMY INTENSIFIES)

"Jason?", my mother said, looking at my brother.

"Fine.", he replied, shrugging.

"Mi?", Mom looked at me, using my nickname.

"Noraml, lazy.", my normal reply.

She looked annoyed with my response but she let it go.

"Well, I helped with a new project that the company's working on."

Mom's a co-ceo of a big company called Ushast Company. I don't really know what she or the company does but I mean it makes the family good money.

"What was it?", Dad asks, shoving more chicken in his mouth.

I can hear my mom strt to tell the rest of the family what she did, but I zone out and stare at my plate. My thoughts wonder back to my pen and Dax.

Where did I hear that name before...? 

I start going through my head, trying to find the name.

"Mila!", my mother yells, trying to get my attention.

"Hm? What?", I ask, snapping out of my daze.

"Are you okay honey?", she asks, looking at me with concern.

"Oh yeah, I just don't feel the best. Can I be excused?", I ask her, shoving my plate away from me.

"Sure, hun."

"Thank you.", I say, getting up and pratically sprint back upstairs. Flinging open the door to my bed room, I grab the notebook and pen and flop on my bed. Getting under the blankets, I just stare at them, waiting for words to appear.


I don't know how long I've been under the blankets, but I'm slowly starting to fall asleep. Climbing out from the blankets, I looked at the time. It was 12:38. I get up and put the notebook down on my bedside table. I grab my my phone and start scrolling through Instagram. I see all these posts about how people have found their soulmate through their pen and how much they love each other. 

There were very rarely any posts about how people havn't found theirs yet. I was trying to find those ones. Somehow I managed to get onto my best friend's boyfreinds' bestfriends' account. I started going through it, trying not to like anything. 

He was pretty cute to be honest. I don't know his name and for some reason it's not in his bio. 
He had silver, white hair and sapphire blue eyes. He looked like one of those cliche "bad boys" if you know what I mean. He looked really familiar....

Again, I lost track of time and saw the time was 2:30. I have no idea how that happened to be honest. I turn my phone off and put it on the notebook. I hesitated before picking it up.

"You still up?", I write.

"Always.", it replies, almost instantly.

"So what's up?"

"Nothing much. I just can't sleep.", they reply.

"How come?", I ask.


"Oh. are you ok?"

"I guess you could say that. My mind just keeps wondering to the "what-ifs" and stuff like that."

"Oh. I'm sorry about that....", I didn't know what else to say. I've never been all that good in comforting people. 

"Ok well I'm going to see if it's possible to sleep. So I'll talk to you later?"

"Yeah, sure.", I write

"Ok bye."

"Bye.", I capped my pen and put it and the book, back on my bedside table.

I had a good feeling about Dax.



Hey! Sorry this is so short and it took way to long to come out. I'm so sorry about that. But I hope you enjoyed it! If you like it you should hit like ;) Anyway, I hope you keep reading! Bye!


Thanks for 400 views by the way!

(The guy is Dax)

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