Roll Dice With Fate

Everyone gets a pen when they're 15. It's a pen with invisable ink. You can do anything with it. But you won't be able to see what you write or draw. It just appears somewhere else. Specifically, on the body or paper of your soulmates'. You're set to marry that person. Fate said so. Mila Auttums recieved her pen, but never used it. Until now. Not much. Just one word. She didn't expect anything to happen. Expect it did. Dax Cannel replied.


2. Chapter 1~

Mila laid down on her bed, staring at her blank, grey, ceiling. It's been three years since the ceremony. She never even used the pen. Not once. Apparently her partner hasn't either. She never found anything on her skin or any of the papers she owns. She sat up and looked over at her desk. She sucked in a breath and walked over to the ivory colored, messy desk. She opened the bottom drawer on the right side and grabbed them. The pen and notebook she kept there. That was the only part of her desk that was clean and organized. She never put anything else besides those two things in that drawer. She walked over to the tall floor mirror propped against the white wall. She clutched the notebook and pen against her, and looked at herself in the mirror. She let the breath out and hopped back onto her bed. She sat with her legs crossed and put the notebook and pen in front of her and stared at them. As soon as she gathered up the courage, she grabbed the pen and opened the notebook to the first page. Uncapping the pen, Mila's hand hovered at the ready, above the page.

"What should I say?", she thought.

"Hi.", she finally decided.

Mila waited for something to appear. But nothing happened. She couldn't see the words she wrote. But hopefully her "soulmate" could. The more she stared at the seemingly blank paper, the more she wanted to close the book and forget about it. 

"I'm destined to die alone! Fate decides everything after all. It probably decided that I wasn't fit for a suitor huh?"


Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at the words. They saw it! She quickly uncapped the pen again and wanted to write more down, desperate for a meaningfull conservation. But her hand shook as she looked at the paper, her hand ready, but unable to write anything. 


"I'm still here.", her hand shaked as she franticly and quickly wrote the words down.

"Ok, well, what do you want to say...?'', the qestion even looked akward. Mila almost cringed as she sucked in a breath, just thinking about how akward this person could be.

"What's your name?", she wrote.


Dax? That sounds so Weird.

(Hi! It's the author here! Just so you know, when it's in italics WITHOUT the quotations, that's what the character is thinking. When it has qutations, that's what they're actualy saying. Just wanted to let you know! Continue!)

"I'm Mila."

She waited for a response, but nothing came. She waited, and waited. Nothing. For what seemed like hours she stared at the paper, waiting for something to appear. But nothing happened. All she could see were Dax's responses. Sighing, she closed the notebook and capped the pen, and put them both back into the drawer. She opened her bedroom door to find her brother, Jason, standing there, his fist raised to knock. 

"Yes?", she asked.

"I just have a couple questions....", he mumbled.

Jason was fourteen. He was turning fifteen in three days. Then his ceremony would only be a week away from that. Mila knew that his questions were about said ceremony. She knew she wouldn't be allowed  to answer any of them. 

"Shot.", she said, shrugging. Jason walked in and sat down on her bed, while Mila took the chair in front of her desk. 

"What's the pen look like?", he asked.

"I can't answer that."


"The Bots would track me down and punish me. You know that."

"Can you tell me what The Room or The Book looks like?"


"Can you tell me anything...?"

"Probably not, Jason.", she admitted.She would love to answer all his questions. It took all her willpower not to tell him. But, if she did, then The Bots would come for her. The Bots looked like humans, but had metal, white plating for skin. They were scary enough on their own, but of course they were decorated with armor, guns, and some even had swords on them. They were originally used for war. When the country was in war with it's neighbours, The Bots were created to fight instead of humans. The war still raged on today. But soon after The Bots were created, the producers created more, with different occupations. They now created Bots for cleaning, cooking, transportation, and many, many more services. They were always watching. There were hidden cameras in every home, school, hotel, store, street. Everywhere. They were probably listening in on Jason and Mila's conservation right now. They are programed to report anything suspicious they see and or hear to higher ranking, human, officers. If the suspected person, were guilty, they would be "punished" for their crime. At the ceremony, they were everywhere. Patrolling the halls, and guarding all doors. Asking for a name and looking up the name you gave in it's data base. Matching name to face, name to age, name to anything they have on you. They saw everything and tracked every movement. What made it worse, was that they never tired out or needed to sleep or "recharge."

"Jason, you know I can't answer any of your questions.", Mila sighed, looking sympathetically at her younger brother.

"Thought it was worth a shot."

He got up and walked to the door. Soon after he left, their mom called them to come down for dinner. Mila glanced at the drawer and decided to check if Dax had writen anything. She opened the notebook. Nothing. He still hadn't replied. Sighing, she put it back and walked down the stairs to dinner. 


Hi there! I hoped you liked that! Sorry it was a bit short and I'm very very very very sorry for not updating this sooner! D: I had writer's block and just couldn't get anything right! I would appreciate if you shared this with friends or whatever and I would also love your feed back on stuff! Anyway, I hope you liked this and there is more to come soon! 


Sorry if there's a lot of typos and bad grammer and stuff like that. It's currently 1 AM here and I'm pretty tired.

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