Royal Affair

Ariadne Aldane is the princess and future queen of Avion, a country that has been trying to bring an end to a two hundred year war with Kalthzar. In these efforts Ariadne is forced into a marriage with Daniel Kiton the poisoned Prince of the enemy however she falls in love with somebody unexpected...


1. Chapter One

Ariadne Aldane paced across the marble floor what she did whenever something plagued her thoughts her light chiffon dress flapped as it tried to keep up with her, her mother sat in the corner making black tea also in an agitated state. Having a wedding shouldn't be as stressful as you're making it, Ariadne" her mother said while sweetening her drink with honey "why? Alia didn't have to marry at my age so why am I?" She found it hard to accept that her wedding would be soon, in a fortnight Ariadne of Avion would be marrying Daniel Kiton of Kalthzar in her father's lame attempt at making peace with a country they had been fighting for decades. "Alia was...different" her mother said in defence, Alia, (Ariadne's elder sister) had been nicknamed the "runaway princess" because she ran away with her lover the night before her wedding leaving nothing but a silk hanky with her embroidered initials since that day four years ago she hasn't been found. "This union could save our countries from a war torn future!" Her face was harsh, but she was hopeful in the marriage. "You had a say in who you married mother, so did Alia and Aisarah. I demand choice as of this land!" Her mother stayed silent stirring the hot, dark liquid "no, Ariadne, end of discussion." A pout settled on her scarlet lips and she stomped out of the door in a flurry of rage, chiffon and a sudden appetite.

She decided to keep her tears in until she reached the kitchens, most of the servants who would have seen her red face would notify the King and then she would be in trouble "an Aldane crying?" Her father had questioned ten years ago when nine year old Ariadne wept for her dead pony. She had received a strong slap which silenced her sobs. And a memory that would silence many others. "Ariadne" said a taunting voice she looked up and her eyes met Daniel she stopped in her tracks accepting his bow but not returning it "you will not bow to your future husband, how peculiar... I'll be sure to tell daddy all about it" his words hung like poisonous gas in the air "It was my father who taught me not to bow to peasants" she retorted with a challenging smirk. His eyes narrowed at his fiance "you will bow to me one day, especially when I'll need an heir" he smiled and walked past her slowly making sure to leave his presence everywhere in her home. Ariadne shivered at his last sentence the thought of having to bear his children made her nauseous.

After weaving through her home she found the kitchens she could already hear the bustle and the commotion of supper being prepared she pushed the glossed wooden doors and stumbled into the kitchen amidst the steam she could see Ollie the head of the kitchen barking orders to fellow chefs. At the sight of Ariadne he boomed to the room "the Princess is here!" curtsies and bows filled the room for a split second and then the work resumed " what is your wish?" He said walking towards her "I'm a little hungry", "but your father says n..." "he won't find out will he?" Ollie's eyes darted anxiously but he soon gave in "Hugo, boy fetch something for Ariadne" a tall man looked up from the corner of the room where he'd been peeling potatoes he stopped and and walked up to them "I'm not even a boy anymore" he argued Ollie completely ignored him "tell him what you want and he'll get it" Ollie said leaving Hugo and Ariadne to manage the kitchen again Hugo muttered under his breath and lead Ariadne to the cold room where most of the food was stored "if you have something to say say it clearly...please" his eyes swooped over Ariadne clean, and smelling of lavender, clothed in a white chiffon dress. "What would you like?" He said as if company with the princess was boring, Ariadne saw past it and requested some marzipan and a small pie. he retrieved them from a storage section and handed them to her in a large hanky. Without any thought she sat down where she stood "I need to escort you out" Hugo complained "if I go out somebody will see me eating an hour before supper and I'll be scolded, so I'll stay here thank you" she explained and bit into her pie. 

He was about to leave "stay, I've never seen you before" Ariadne requested, he reluctantly sat down "you never really notice servants do you?" He said scowling, she shrugged "your quite dark haired, where are you from?" She she said looking at her own blonde almost white hair, the same went for a lot of the people in Avion: blonde, white or pale ginger coloured hair was very common so people with rich brown or black hair were fascinating "I'm from Valsa, in the north." He said running a hand through his hair "Valsians , the beauties of this world my mother says" Ariadne said in deep thought, it wasn't a lie even Hugo, a servant, lived up to the saying "how old are you? You must be older than me" he sighed "am I being interrogated?" Ariadne's smile wavered "twenty one in a fortnight" a fortnight when Ariadne would begin married life "are you thinking about the wedding?" Hugo said reading the dread that hung on her features "no" "yes you were, I've had to clean his  room he's a pig in human skin" Ariadne shook back into her authoritative tone. "You wouldn't know what he's like, you wouldn't really know much, you work in the kitchens, so...stop insulting my future husband". She didn't really care about what was said behind his back although she had to pretend she did. "Do you think everyone's blind I can see you hate him and you know it too" he got under her skin with his words assuming he knew everything when he was  just a servant boy "lies" she said. He shook his head "what is your name?" Ariadne pressed "Hugo..." Ariadne stood up "watch your tongue, your position here can be easily replaced" he nodded trying to hide his frustration in front of a girl who could make him homeless "I'll be leaving through the back" he opened the door for her and she stepped into the warm afternoon sun he door behind her. And her first tear fell.

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