A Cat For A Wolf

A girl named Katrina has been home schooled for most of her life, but what happens when her parents come back from their trip overseas, and say she can finally go to school. Katrina is ecstatic to hear this news, but will she be equally ecstatic when she finds things that she never knew, or experienced? Read to find out.


1. Great News!!!



Katrina's P.O.V


     I was drawing in my journal outside of my house until I heard a familiar engine, I looked up to see my parents' silver and gold limo. I packed my materials into my bag hurriedly, then ran to my house, and went up to my room as fast as I could. I flopped on my bed, put on some earphones, and grabbed a book on my right.

    "Katrina!!!" I heard my mom call from the living room, I rushed down the cherry wood stairs, and ended up behind my parents, "yes" I said simply, they jumped, "AH!!!!! How many times do we have to tell you, don't sneak up on us!!!" they said in union, I guess they said it so many times that they both memorized it by heart, "I didn't mean to sneak up on you, I guess I'm just light on my feet" I replied innocently, truth is, I take pleasure in seeing my parents surprised, and scared. "Well anyway, we have something to tell you.....umm, Mitch, do you want to tell her?" my mom asked my dad, "how about we both tell her?" "okay" "what are you talking about?" I asked, "you, can finally go to school," my mom said, "no more homeschooling, and you can go outside anytime you want" my dad added.".........WHAT!!!!!, THANK YOU!!!!THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH" I squealed, hugging them ecstatically, "your welcome, my little shadow princess," my dad said, chuckling, after the amazing news, I went upstairs and flopped on my bed with the biggest smile I have ever made. (even when my parents got me a truckload of candy canes when I was 5)



Rider's P.O.V


   Every time I go home, I always have to pass that fucking big mansion, I swear, do these people have to show that their rich, we get it, your rich, do you have to flaunt and brag, as I walked, I looked up, fuck, I saw the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen, and I've seen some pretty hot bitches, she had long, wavy,  ginger hair, pale skin, large florescent green eyes, freckles, she wasn't fat, but not a stick either, she was perfect, or as close as perfect gets, I shook my head, what was I thinking, of course, she was hot, but she has enough money to buy a truck load of beauty products.

  I started walking home, but just as I was walking, she went back inside, but left the windows open, Watching for a second won't hurt, right? I asked myself, just then she came out with gear, and whistled. Just then, she started scaling the building, fuck, what is she thinking, is she crazy?!?! Halfway down she jumped, fuck, she is crazy. I started to walk faster, looking down, I bumped into something, or someone, I looked up to see the ginger headed girl, "oh!, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there, heh" she said giggling, now that I look at her fully, she was short, "It's no problem, I wasn't looking, so technically, it was my fault" I replied, running my hands through my hair nervously, she looked like a kid and knowing that she scaled a building, it was, well, weird and nerve-racking. "Well, anyway are you new to the neighborhood, I've never seen you around here before" I stated, she just laughed at that and said, "No, I'm not new here, I've lived here ever since I was only a few months old" she said while holding in laughs, "Really? How come I've never seen or met you?" "Oh, that's because I've never had permission to go outside until now, and I've always been homeschooled" "wait, what? Why have you not been allowed to go out?" "well, I actually don't--" a dog's bark cut her off, "Oh Irene, I almost forgot, sorry, I have to go," she said then ran off to the back of her house. I found myself staring at her as she ran. Fuck, what am I thinking, then I started heading back to my house.




Author's Note

Konichiwa~, My Meif'wa Clan, I hope you all will enjoy this, I'm sorry it took so long to write this chapter, funny thing is, it took me two days to get this chapter published, and just a little note, if your in America, this might get published at night, so yea, and i might not publish quickly enough in the next two weeks, because I have exams, and I'm kind'a suffering from writers block. (but trust me, I have the next few chapters all figured out) 




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