Someone special

Harry has a sister called lily he has to look after her as she is younger but this is from what lily sees she sometimes looks after Harry who knows what will happen?


2. accepted at hogwarts

In the morning they came to a sort of shack Ron said "home" they got out the flying car and entered the house they saw molly with her hands on her hips and she said "how dare you no note no nothing " Ron replied " they had bars on their windows " "you better hope I don't put bars on your windows Ronald " "anyway lets have break fast " "letters every body " said Percy lily held one in her hand she ripped it open and it said :

Dear Miss Potter,

You have been excepted at hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry

From Albus dumbledore

Head master

You will need

A wand

A toad ,an owl or a cat

Gilderoy lockhart books

Poitions for beginners book

A Quill and ink

A tie and robes


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