The tales of Alii

The story of a storyteller


2. The storyteller

The sky had started to clear once they had reached Eastview. To Alii it almost felt like the sky was clearing just for them, making sure that they would all stay warm and dry through out the night. Alii hated it. When they had been driving, the clouds had started to promise rain and thunder, and the temperature had dropped by several degrees. This had been her chance to get her grandmother to turn around. You couldn't go camping in a storm right?

But as soon as they where a few kilometers from the camp side, it was like the clouds were dissapearing. The sun was now shining so strongly and bright that despite her resignment to be here, she was dying to get out of the car into fresh air. 

"Alii, I promise it is not going to be so bad. I think you might even end up learning something." Nanna looked at her. "You know, I used to go to school here when I was your age. We had this student in my class, a real storyteller I tell you....." 

But Alli was not paying attention anymore. They had now reached their destination, and even though Alii did not like it even a little bit, she had to admit that place was impressive. What looked to be the main building, was at least 7 stories high and ancient. From the main building extended several smaller buildings, at least 4 or 5 from what she could see and all made from the same material as the main bulding. As they got nearer, Nanna took a left turn, following a small road towards a forest. Alii couldn't help but think that what stood before her must be the absolute greenest forest she had ever seen. Of course she knew that this was a crazy thought, but even so she also though that it was an important thing to notice.

As Nanna parked the car and got out to take their supplies out of the trunk, Alii strode carefully towards the forest. It almost looked like it went on forever. But there was a center to it, she could feel deep inside her heart there was something in there that she needed to go to, that she needed to be with. She shook her head. 

'Nanna must really have gotten into my head. I need to pull myself together' Alii thought to herself. So she turned her back to the forest and whent back to the car to help Nanna carry their tent towards a small campside. 

Once they had gotten their tent up and had started to settle in, more and more people had joined the camp. 

"Alright everyone, gather around!" Said a small old woman. She was gesturing towards the fire that had been set up in the middle of the camp. Once everyone had huddled up around the fire, the woman spoke again: "Welcome to Eastview everybody. My name is Loea, and I am thrilled to see that so many of you have come to join us this year. As you all know we are here to learn more of ourself and our descendance. This is a special oppertunity for you kids and I hope that you will take advantage of it."                                                     Loea gestured towards a man in the crowd that looked to be about the same age as Nanna. As the man whent up to join her, Alii could not help rolling her eyes. This was lunatic. Why had Nanna forced her to come here? 

The man spoke: "Hello everyone, my name is Peter. I have been asked to tell you the first story of the evening. The story of the sun and the moon."

Alii looked at Nanna, but Nanna was busy looking at Peter. Not in a gross or loving way. No, Nanna looked at him with expectation. As if she already knew what was going to happen. So Alii drew her attention back towards Peter, who's face was lit up by the dancing flames of the fire, and decided that hopefully this wouldn't be so bad after all. And as all around them grew quite, Peter began his story.

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