The tales of Alii

The story of a storyteller


3. The story of the sun and the moon

"Once upon a time, many many years ago, the sun and the moon ruled the world. The sun, also known as Lâ, was a harsh and brutal ruler, a man of great character and beauty.

The moon, known as Kalila, was a fair and kind ruler. She could be harsh, there was no doubt, but she was deeply loved by her people. Even though Lâ and Kalila did not always agree, they found a way to work together. They lived as far apart as the heavens would allow, but once every decade when the sun and the moon stood as equals in the sky, the two rulers where forced to meet and renew their agreement of peace. But over the centuries, Lâ grew jealous of Kalila. For while Kalila's kingdom blossomed, Lâ's kingdom was crumbeling. As another decade passed, Lâ grew mad from his jealousy.

When the time came to renew their peace, Lâ brought a dagger forged by the sun himself, hidden in the rim of his trousers. When the two rulers were alone, Lâ stabbed Kalila aiming for her heart. When he was certain that she was out of reach for anyone to safe, he fled back to his kingdom. But what he did not know was, that one of Kalila's maids had stayed with her, hiding behind one of the bushes. She ran to Kalila and pulled out the dagger in time to safe her from being consumed by the poisonous sun. They journied back to Kalilas kingdom, but Kalila was becoming weaker and weaker. When they finally made it, Kalila was on the werge of dying. And the only way to safe her would be for her to journey back up in the sky. But it would take centuries before she would be able to return to our world, and still then, there was a chance that a human form could kill her. So to secure her kingdom she blessed the maid that had saved her life with a bit of her powers, so that when she journied on, there would still be someone to protect her kingdom. 

The maid took upon the responsebility put on her by Kalila, and ruled the kingdom in her sted as best as she could. The power that had been given to her was passed down from generation to generation. These powers still live among us, millennias after the moon was betrayed by the sun."

 As Peter grew quiet, Alii could feel she was not the only one who had stopped breathing. But she didn't dare to check, she didn't even dare to move. It was like Peter's story had come to life, as if all the emotions and impressions of the story had become a part of her. 

Loea whent up to rejoin Peter at the center of the circle. "Thank you Peter, always a pleasure." said Loea as she gestured for Peter to retake his seat. 

"I hope you all learned something from Peter. Now, if our next speaker will come join me, we will hear a little about our school history." As Loea once again went to sit and allow another speaker to enter the circle, she glanced at Alii. The moment did not last for long, but the message was clear to Alii. 


And Alii did. Many people went up to talk that night, but to Alii the night passed in a blur. Peter's story kept repeating in her head, even though she knew it was crazy she just couldn't shake it off. When the bonfire ended and she settled in her tent, she was more than ready to accept the calmness and darkness of sleep.


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