The tales of Alii

The story of a storyteller


1. Prologue

"Nanna, do I really have to go?" Alii said. She was trying to slowly back up towards the house whilst Nanna was packing their supplies in the car. 

"Yes you do. We discussed this a long time ago. Once you were old enough, we would go to Eastview and we would spend the weekend, you agreed to it yourself." 

"Nanna I was ten! All my decisions where horrible then." 

Nanna spotted Alii still trying to move towards the house, and with a single look (to be fair her looks could be fairly intemidating) Alii knew she had been defeated. 

"Fine, I'll go on this stupid trip." said Alii while getting into the front seat. 

"But don't expect me to do bonding activities or something like that with the others." 

Nanna looked at her with both sadness and hope in her eyes. "I told you earlier that was not what this trip was about." Nanna turned on the egnition and started to drive towards the main road. She mumbled to herself; "I hope there is still time."



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