I'm so close, yet so far. As I start to fall into the edge of insanity, it all starts to change when...


1. Prolouge

Overwhelmed by cryptic feelings only to ever be encrypted by those who carry that of which is missing, I bare and hide stress that creeps in the inner darkest corners of my mind, internal at the core. As complex as the many languages that we use so interchangeably, my emotions scatter like puzzle pieces, for only me to solve. Finding myself in the midst of complete chaos, I try to pull myself together, only to realize that such foolish hopes were simply either unobtainable or too unrealistic to ever fathom.     Were such thoughts immoral, taboo, even? The thoughts seemed to be distorted as frequently as the facts were, as I would frequently lie in order to escape the truth, in which I could only foresee a world of despair and misery which would bring me to my knees. Someone that shares the same pain as I do sit underneath the apple tree; all alone, unaware that someone is going through the same pain that gnaws at their very soul.
"I want to reach out, trust me, I do, but I can't, for it is impossible."      
If I can't connect with the very person who I fell for, then is my life over? Driven to madness the poor soul, and yet, I was seemingly going down the same path. I could only hope that one day I would come into contact with this poor soul before the unthinkable happens, in which the world rejects what they think is "odd": something completely different from what's expected in today's society. They must think that this person drifts down the path of degeneracy, despite the rest of society, including other people who could be considered degenerate, are somehow, disturbingly, thought to be normal.         This poor soul was offered "mental" help, which I assume spiraled the mind that its use to insane levels of, coincidentally, mental self-esteem damage. If not, then it would most likely end up with this soul "embracing" the very problem that it need help with, causing the opposite effect. Yet, I can't help but feel like I, the very one that feels as if we are somehow connected, would only get in the way, and therefore would only be causing problems, and so....  
 "I'm sorry, but it can't end here."
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