memories it's a thing no one would forget but my hole life has been bad memories but finaly getting adopted will i have amazing memories and be able to play my favorite sport


6. ...

having bailey back is awsome i have my life back ,getting married in a week  , winning every football game , having my best friends , bram and i became buddies like him and dad everything is awsome

''hey why do you always have that stupid dog with you'' clyde said trying to step on bailey '' leave bailey alone ''  ''i thaugth bailey died ''  '' he did he pasted lives having a diffrent purpose but his mew life's purpose was to make me happy'' clyde rolled his eyes and left i drove home with bailey i got my weding dress and im getting married tomorrow can't wait dad is gonna walk me down all the boys are gonna be there everything 



i woke up the next morning zayn was at his place and im here with dad bram and bailey i got into my dress at the place ready ''ready'' dad said holding his arm out i took it ''ready'' the music played and all those stuff dad walked me down....... 


i was finaly mrs malik we took the picture with bailey in the middle i was happy me and zayn went on our honey moon without bailey we loved staying at a expensive hotel very nice best time of my life 


sad part it was ending we had to go home we got back ''bailey bailey bailey bailey '' i said as baylie jumped on me ''craful bud '' i said he sat down and tilted his head 


----bailey's pov------

why did i hear stuff in her belly it was wierd everytime he cuddled i would hear stuff in there im starting to think what it migth be she's getting bigger every week and month oh noo here comes a baby boy and girl twins soon i had to live life on the run help me from this tourture please

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