memories it's a thing no one would forget but my hole life has been bad memories but finaly getting adopted will i have amazing memories and be able to play my favorite sport


5. ..

it makes 10 years since bailey died i graduated and im still with zayn 

------bailey's pov------

i ran and ran until i got to the countrey hmmm garbage horse food ........ horse dog!!!! i ran until i reacher horse dog we played until it was'nt fun i got out of the pen and saw sarah ..... sarah after all these years i finaly found you i jumped on her licking her everywhere i was laying on the padio ''i bet your hungry boy'' she said giving me a plate of eggs''you better go home i know how it feals to lose a friend '' me to sarah i lost you but trust me im bailey bailey bailey boss dog she got me in the cra and drove me to some place they put me in a cage noo sarah its me bailey boss dog i jumped up on the cage walls but she just kep walking 

----sarah's pov------

i just sat on the chair thinking about that dog he looked alot like bailey like alot alot i got up and went back ''wanna get out'' he shot up as i unlocked the door i drove home and let him inside he was doing everything  bailey did i went upstairs and went to bed  

i woke up and went downstiars when's the last time you got washed bud i put him in an outside bath and washed him  i took him to the place where i get dog tag i put on his collar ''red'' he sta in the front seat just like bailey we got home and i setted up a few things ''where did you get this '' he gave me the football i used to trow bailey i threw it and he got it but brang it back ''your starting to freek me out red'' i decided to test him i threw the ball then got down ''catch it'' i yelled he runned and jumped off my back and got the ball ''how did you learn that'' he barked ''boss dog'' he barked again ''boss dog'' he barked ''no way boss dog'' he barked again ''bailey'' he barked i smiled ''bailey '' i hugged him crying of hapiness i took off the collar with red on it  and changed it to bailey's old one ''i missed you bailey '' i said putting my face into his fur a car pulled up and zayn came out ''whoa who's this'' ''guess'' ''boss dog'' i said he barked ''bailey'' zayn said bailey barked again 


------bailey's pov-----

yes i was finaly bailey again i loomed just like before im boss dog 


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