memories it's a thing no one would forget but my hole life has been bad memories but finaly getting adopted will i have amazing memories and be able to play my favorite sport


4. ...

it makes a few years mark adopted me ive been hangning out with bram and the boys but i started to notice baily never wanted to play it was like if life was slower for him he only wanted to lay down i was at the school joking around with the boys throwing footballs just playing while all the girls where jelous me and zayn where together i got a call ''ill be back boys'' i yelled walking away 

''hello ''  i said ''hey sarah bailey's at the vet '' ''ill be there '' i hung up and ran to the boys ''baileys at the vet i gotta go see him '' i was 16 and a senior i ran to the vet and rushed into the room where bailey was ''what's wrong with bailey'' i said rushing infront of bailey ''he's deing of old age '' the vet said i looked at him slowly closing his eyes i petted him and cried

-----bailey's pov------

i opend my eyes abit and saw sarah i saw them all hurt but sarah the most i wanted to jump up and chear them all up but i could'nt i was dying of hold age i felt my collar being took off ''ill always love you bailey '' sarah said crying she hugged me i closed my eyes and that's it i was gone i left the ones i loved behind 

----sarah's pov----- 

as i huged baily i felt him leave ''i love you boss dog '' i let go of him the vet took him we burried him everyone was there zayn liam louis niall harry dad bram everybody i cried alot i looked at his grave they did what i wanted for him they made a statue of him and me doing the jump i put down baileys favorite flower '' i aleready miss my bailey '' i cried the hole way back home i walked in my room and looked at the corner i pictured bailey sleeping in it it just made me cry more ''waking up to kiss you and nobodys there the smell of your purfume still stuck in the air it's hard '' i started to sing making me feel better i took my iphone and decided to make a song for bailey i turned the camera on ''hey guy's umm you know bailey my dog well today he passed away so this is the song i made for him injoy '' i started playing some cords '' i wake up in the morning and no bodys there the smell of your dog food still stuck in the air it's so hard so hard i thaugh i saw runing around it's funny how some things never leave you it's so hard so hard and i wanna tell you everything  the words i remember since i first saw you......'' i sang the song i finished i edited it and put up pictures of bailey i posted it on my chanel and in 1 minute it got 15000 views i red the coments and decided to make another ''hey guys so i just posted a song that i whrote about bailey and im surprised how much views me got and coments so im gonna read a few so lets get on to the video '' ''#1 im so sorry  for your lost i know bailey was the most inportent thing but he his purpose it was to make you happy'' i smiled and wiped away my tears ''thanks scott so much for the coment i know your the nisest one on this chanel i read all your coments so don't stop being nice '' i  read a few more and finished the video i edited it and posted it i replied to coments then  went outside to see chino i walked into the barn ''hey chino '' i said puting on his black halter on i brang him into the alley way and brushed him ''chino will you stick by my side your just so young and horses live up to 30 years old but if ever your in pain ill do whats best '' i saddled him and put his bridle on i got on chine and walked him around the horses outside to get the all inside it was getting dark ''inside horses come on '' i hearded the horses and fed them in their stalls ''see ya tomorrow'' i crashed on my bed when i got in and cried over baileys death i soon fell asleep cuddled with baileys favorite teddy bear i gave him

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