memories it's a thing no one would forget but my hole life has been bad memories but finaly getting adopted will i have amazing memories and be able to play my favorite sport


3. ...

i woke up to the alarm clock ringning i hit it and it stoped school i jumped up and quickly got dressed i put on my ripped boy jeans and my football hoodie i had number 19 on it i gave bailey his food and water then ate ''you better get going sarah school is starting soon bram will walk you there i got the horses to take care off but i promise ill go get you '' he said hugging me ''pinky swear'' ''pinky swear '' i put my sneakers on ''bye dad bye bailey '' i said closing the door behind my i took my bag and put it over my shoulder ''ready to go'' bram asked ''i was born ready '' we talked about random stuff and how i really wanted to play football ''bye '' i said walking into the school he waved and i knew he was smiling ''hey are you new '' a guy with black hair said walking next to me ''yea ''  ''im zayn malik''  i shook his hand ''im sarah hapka '' he opend his mouth ''your mark hapka's kid''  '' he adopted me '' i laughed at his expression i took out my schedual ''want to meet my friends'' i nodded and he brang me to 4 other boys ''this is niall the blond one thats louis the blue eyed one thats harry curled hair boy and thats liam the ligth brown hair dude''  ''hi'' i said ''hey whats ya name'' louis said ''sarah hapka'' their mouths all opend like zayn ''wait so mark hapka adopted you '' i nodded '' you know he's like a legend with bram he played in 23 blast as travis freeman and bram as jerry baker '' i nodded and showed them my back pack ''no way you watch that'' liam said ''i do it's a very good movie'' the bell rung and i went to class with the boy we were all in the same classes ''mr malik and the boys late''  ''i know we where only helping out the new girl '' zayn explained ''oh come introduce urself '' the teacher said i walked to the front of the class not shy at all they all lifted their hands i pointed to a girl ''what's your full name '' ''sarah travis hapka'' i simply said their mouths shot open ''yes i know mark hapka adopted me and he's a legend'' they all shut tneir mouths ''are you single'' .louis asked ''yes louis '' i saw him do a little yes ''what's your favorite food '' niall asked ''i don't have any favorites i love all food '' i awnserd all the questions the hole class we went to our next class chemistry ''what's this '' i asked picking up a liquid ''no miss hapka don't mix it up ''  ''that's no fun '' i said putting it down 

----skip to lunch----

i took out the money that dad gave me i payed myself a meal with some gaderade me and the boys talked until it was time to do profiles the hole afternoon ''sarah hapka come to the secretary office rigth away'' said the secretary in the speakers ''where the hell is that '' i asked raising an eyebrow ''ill show you '' zayn brang me there and went to his music profile ''hello miss hapka i wanted to know what profile do you want to do there's music cheerleading i highly recomended soccer arf hokey and football i do not recomend football '' she said showing me pictures ''ill take ....... football'' she looked at me surprised and told me to go at the field i took my equipment and put it on ''team today we have a new person who's gonna join it's a ..... she ....sarah hapka '' the coach said i walked on the field ''try to beat me '' a big guy said walking past ''sarah defense '' i stood in position infront of the same guy ''HUT'' i slamed into him pushing him on the floor i caugth the ball they where all inpressed ''trust me ive played with older boys than you and 3 times bigger i always won '' i threw the ball back we practiced alot in the midle of practice mark came to watch ''HUT'' the guy yelled i smashed into the other guy and caugth the ball again we did that until it was done ''great job'' he said i smiled ''thx '' ''so into football ''  ''yep ive been playing since i was 5 i was always like a man never a girl i never had much friends at school '' i got changed and introduced him too my friends we walked home 

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