memories it's a thing no one would forget but my hole life has been bad memories but finaly getting adopted will i have amazing memories and be able to play my favorite sport


2. ...

i walked in the barn and was greeted by a cute white colt with a maine and tail black as cole ''hey buddy'' i said picking up the little fella my dad walked in ''you found him''  ''why what hapend to him dad'' he smiled ''well he er scaped yesterday and i could'nt find him ''  i looked at the foal ''i like this fella '' i put him down ''wanna be his owner '' i smiled ''why not he's so cute '' i smiled and dad smiled back ''im gonna call you chino'' i put down chino when i heard a car pull up i placed chino in his new stall i chose i ran out joining mark ''who's this '' bram hoover said i was gonna explode inside ''bram this is sarah i adopted her she's a big fan of 23 blast and she's lucky enougth her idol is her father '' ''your lucky he's the best dad a kid could get '' i laughed inside but outside i smiled i heard little hoofs come yo me ''chino how'd you get out bud '' i said picking chino up ''hey mark she found him '' bram said petting chino '' yep and she adopted him he's called chino now''  '' i better get chino back '' i put down chino and walked to his stall with him following ''it's too blah that's why '' i took some paint of loads of diffrent colors and started painting the stall walls i painted a heard and chine as a stallion with me on him i placed new straw in it and hay i gave him water then i painted his stall door i whrited 'stall owner  chino' on it i took a very thin painbrush and whrited ''loved and owner my sarah hapka ' i smiled at what i did i put the paint away and chose a halter for him ''this will do until i get enough money to get you one'' i put it on him adjusted to the white size ''im gonna go ok chino be good '' i gave chino a kiss then went outside with bailey i ran into my bedroom and took my old football ''come on bailey '' i ran back outside and threw the football around making bailey fetch ''ok bud ready'' he barked ''i was born ready '' i threw it then leaned down ''catch it '' he ran and jumped off my back to get the ball ''good boy bailey '' i scratched him behind the ear and kept playing with him ''guys look what me and bailey can do '' i said sounding like a kid ''catch it bailey '' i threw the football and bended down he ran and jumped off my back cathching the ball ''good boy bailey'' they smiled and watched me play with bailey ''bailey bailey bailey bailey '' i said teasing him he barked 4 times 'sarah sarah sarah sarah' we played for a good couple of hours ''super'' dad yelled i ran into the house grabing my plate off of the counter ''you know tomorrow it's gonna be your first day at school '' '' yes i missed going to school '' we smiled and ate ''im gonna jump into the shower '' i got up and put my dishes in the sink i ran to the bathroom in my room and had a quick shower i got out and styled my Ethan Dolan hair ''good enough '' i said to my mirror self i looked at my collar bone and saw the scrar from when the sireal killer killed my family and hurt me not bad enough to kill me i shook my head ''that's the past it's behind me now the bad memories must leave now let's create new ones '' i smiled and went to get dressed i put on my 23 blast hoodie and some sweats your turn bailey i washed bailey in the bath tub then dried him i took out his always plugged hoodie and put it on him ''perfect boss dog'' i said putting the hoodie part over his head i put mine on too and crashed on my bed i looked at the nigth stand and saw a box with a letter on it *from bram and mark * i opend it and saw a iphone 7 with a 23 blast phone case i turned on the iphone and put the case on i singned in and went on facebook i saw i had a few friend request *bram hoover mark hapka and a kid named zayn malik i accepted all of them and instaled instagram and snapchat i also had to put musicaly and vine on i serched netflix and singed in i installed loads of fun games then ran into the living room ''thx so much dad '' i said hugging him ''tell bram tomorrow i said thx alot '' i pulled away and ran into my room i caugth up on my old pals at my old schooli texted my old friend jackie 

''omg jackie remember 23 blast''-23

''yes why ''-blast



''I KNOW ''-23

''i better get to bed ''-blast

''ok nigth ''-23

''nigth miss hapka ''-blast 

i turned my phone off and told mark i was going to bed bailey layed on his bed and i got comfy in mine  my god my idol is my dad i met bram hoover as jerry backer how could life be worst i replayed the day in my head and slowly drifted off

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