memories it's a thing no one would forget but my hole life has been bad memories but finaly getting adopted will i have amazing memories and be able to play my favorite sport


1. ...

''do you think were gonna get adopted bailey '' i said petting my red retrievers head he barked saying 'of course we have to wait for our time' i smiled at him ''sarah nick and charlie we need you downstairs at the desk now thanks'' i got up and untied bailey we got in the elevator and bailey pressed the first floor ''this is it boss dog '' i looked down at him as we walked out i went to the desk ''whatcha want carol '' i said leaning on the desk ''i need you to go in room 5 ill meet you there '' she walked to the room me and bailey followed ''sarah this is your new foster father '' i looked up and saw Mark Hapka my idol my favorite one in 23 blast my mouth droped ''am i gonna be able to have bailey'' i said looking down at him ''yea sure'' i smiled looking up he smiled back ''sarah go pack you have a few minutes '' i nodded and ran upstairs exited ''BAILEY MARK HAPKA IS GONNA BE MY NEW DAD OMG HE'S MY IDOL'' i yelled in my room jumping around ''ok i need to calm down '' i packed all my stuff in my 23 blast back pack and bag with my football bag for baileys stuff ''let's go bud '' i pressed the first floor button and went into room 5 ''got everything sarah and charlie'' she said looking at bailey ''it's bailey a.k.a boss dog carol''  ''what ever'' i rolled my eyes ''so big fan of 23 blast '' he said looking at my bags ''yep your my favorite one with bram hoover '' he laughed so did i ''we better get going '' he took baileys bag and walked to the car he put the stuff in the trunk and let bailey in the back seat i looked outside the window as we drove away ''im gonna miss them '' i waved by to those who where looking outside ''this is gonna be fun bailey '' i smiled 

---12 minutes later----

we got there it was huge atleast a 100 foot land with a football field horses lots of animals and spot places ''this place is amazing '' i said jumping out the car i took my bags and went over to my new room it was huge a bathroom a walk in closet a pool table i looked at bailey and smiled i took out his stuff out of his bag ''where should your bed go '' he showed me to the corner i put down his dog bed and his bowls i put his toys in a basket and then put his clothes in the walk in closet on the oposite side of mines i put my shoes on the shelfs and then my clothes i hung up a football picture of when i had a live brother i walked into the living room and sat on a chair ''why did you chose me '' ''because i always wanted to have a daugther who loves football spots animals ''  i smiled ''im happy you chose me plus my idol is my new dad everything is perfect'' 'you know  there's horses '' i jumped up ''im going to find them '' i ran outside bailey running behind 

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