Ghostly Visit

A ghost whisper team having hardest case ever to deal with. Can she complete the case.


1. ep.1

     "Why don't you just tell her?"  "Because Corey, she refuses to believe the truth. Besides I told her the first week I was here. She gotten pissed, called me a lyer, then tossed a vase at my head." 

    "Dang that means she getting powerful. That could be hazardous for us and others."reply Corey pacing back and forth in the door way. "You think.. that's why I'm trying to find her obituary and photos of her funeral. Just maybe that will help to make her believe,if not, then nothing will do."

    Two hours later, digging into the family storage room. Nioma had found the files she wanted, taking out the obituary and the photos. She headed back to the family home, to face someone from her past.

   Back at the family vacation home, she lay out the photos and the obituary on the dining coffee table. While in the kitchen getting her supper ready to put into the oven.
She saw her breath as the temp dropped about few degrees.

    "Hello grandma Luna, is that you?" "Yes it's me Laura, what's ya'll up to?"reply grandma Luna. "I'm Nioma, Laura is my mother." "Oh yeah I forgot, you think I could remeber. Everytime I go to bed, I wake up with no memory of you."

   "It's what's happens when you have been a ghost for so long." "Don't start that nonsince again. I'm alive standing here talking to you." "Ok ok I'll change the subject."said Nioma seeing the glasses on the counter started to rattled.

  "How was your day, honey?" she asked. While I was closing the oven door,"Pretty darn good. I've found few items that will help me with the job I'm working on. I've spread them on the coffee table in the dining room. You're more than than welcome to go look at them.Let me know what you think about them."

  "You know what I will go see some of your work." At that very moment my partner Corey just came thru the back door without knocking first. "Young man in my day, if someone just walked in without knocking first. They had gotten a skillet beside the head or buck shot in the rear end."said grandma frowning at him.
   "Sorry Mrs.Logan, it won't happen again." As she left the room, he walked up to the table,"You haven't shown them to her yet." "She'll see them soon enough, don't be in such a hurry." "I don't mean to rush. I know you're enjoying being around her again. But you know dang well she can't stay. You must let her go."

    Getting up to check on her supper,"I made extra, you can stay for supper if you like." "I'll be honor to help eat that food. Now stop trying to changed the subject."      "I know,it just so dam hard. This job is the hardest I've ever had to do. When we find the ass that's conjuring these ghost up. I'm kicking his or her ass,right before we lock the ass up."
   "NO NO!! What is this? It can't be true!" Came from the next room. Walking into the room, Corey sat down in nearest chair. As Nioma walks up to her grandma,"I'm sorry I had to show you these. But it was the only way you would finally believe me.You must return to your final resting place."

  In a child like whisper, "What if I like it here with you more." With tears running down her face,"Granny I loved this short time with you, but you can't stay. It isn't fair to for any of us." She lean in close to Nioma as if she was going to kiss her cheek, "I'll miss you." she said as she faded away. 

   "Dam that was so hard."said Nioma as she wiped the tears away. Corey came up beside her,"Sorry to rush but we have three more cases just like this we have to deal with." "Ok ok I hear you. Let's have dinner first,and then we lock this place up tight."Cool",as he pour soda in our glasses.

                 To Be Continue...

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