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getting bullied is the worst thing ever my only friends are louis harry niall liam zayn and shawn yes shawn mendes and one direction i gotta stop being scared and show them who i am


3. ..

''wake up'' bram kept shaking me ''im awake'' i groaned ''hurry up get your football equipment on where gonna play football with mark and a few others of the team'' he left and i shot up  i put on my equipment and ran outside to the boys shit school started  and we have to walk past it to get to the field i walked close to bram we paste the school everybody kept looking at me like in a wierd way we got tothe field and played a few football games until it was 11 we all walked home but mark stayed over at our place for the day we played in the backyard like kids ''im hungry'' i said ''hamburgers on me !!!!!!!!'' bram yelled runing inside coming out with buns and meat me and mark grabbed the ketpchup hot sauce BBQ sauce mayo and musterd we took plates and put everything on the outside table we took a bun and a paddy i put on mayo musterd BBQ sause sarahchi sauce ketchup everything that does'nt taste good together i took the sarachi sauce  and squirted loads on brams face mostly in his mouth me and mark laughed like crazy while bram was trying to find water we din't even bother helping him ''umm i think bram ran away '' mark said as bram ran to the store ''we should go get him '' mark nodded and we ran to the store and caught bram we brang him home and shoved him in the pool ''great job guys'' he said running into his room the rest of the day was just us goofing around being jerks finaly getting into a figth with brad was worth it

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