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getting bullied is the worst thing ever my only friends are louis harry niall liam zayn and shawn yes shawn mendes and one direction i gotta stop being scared and show them who i am


2. ..

i got back home and crashed on my bed ''hey you ok'' bram said walking in ''i guess'' ''what's wrong''  ''it's just.......i don't wanna talk about it bram but thanks for caring '' he smiled ''it's my job get some rest'' he kissed my forehead and left i coverd myself in blankets and fell asleep fast


i got out of bed and decided to wear diffrent stuff that usual i put on my black and white sneakers with ripped jeans and a black shirt i jumped downstairs and took an apple... hey bram's not here i walked to school without the boys bram or mark wierd i got to school and took my books and once again got slammed on the locker from the corner of my eye bram was looking he nodded and i looked back ''hey slu-''   ''what ya want again ass hole'' i said pushing him off me i din't care if everyone was looking ''like usual bitch'' i clenched my fist ''what your gonna get angry baby'' they all laughed i walked p to him and punched him in the nose he punched me back but i kept doing it ''YOU TWO MY OFFICE'' the principal yelled half way out of the door i let go of his shirt and walked into the office followed by that asshole ''what do you think-'' the principal was cut off my brad ''she started'' he yelled ''he kept telling me to kill myself'' i yelled back ''you two are suspended for 1 week out now!'' we got up and walked out ''i never told you to punch him '' bram said walking next to me ''he deserved it '' every body kept looking at me ''your grounded no tv no phone no friends '' i walked home and sat on my bed watching bram take away my iphone unpuging my tv taking away  anything that i can watch he wallked out i shut my door and layed down ''i guess i deserved it '' i wisperd to myself i looked in my closet trying to find something to do i grabed a box and pend it i took a picture of bram teaching me how to play football i smiled and looked at the other ones of us he's my best friend i took a tape and read out loud ''bram teaching sarah football '' i opend my door and ran to bram ''bram pt this on'' he took the tape and played it i smiled just watching it ever since mom and dad died me and bram almost never hang out together with mark or alone ''i miss my best friend'' i said bram looked over and smiled ''look you have 1 week no school no internet we could hang out and bring back the good old days'' i hugged him and ran up to my room i sat back down and looked at the rest of the pictures the hole day

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