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getting bullied is the worst thing ever my only friends are louis harry niall liam zayn and shawn yes shawn mendes and one direction i gotta stop being scared and show them who i am


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i took my bag from my locker and shoved it on my shoulder before getting pushed on my locker ''hey slutty you know your life is'nt what you thaugth of eh go die in a hole '' he let me go i walked home crying about how much i get bullied today everybody told me to kill myself i would but i can't let me friends and family down ''what's wrong sis'' my brother jerry said ''nothing''  ''come on tell me '' jerry sat on my bed next to me ''everybody keeps telling me to jump off a bridge die in a fire everything just to commit suacide'' he hugged me ''look show them who you are your not this fradgile little girl your this fearless strong powerful girl '' he said in a way that made me laugh ''only if you come with me bram'' he smiled and nodded i started to play in his short curled hair and styling it ''why you doing that''  ''your hair is ugly when it's like this'' we both laughed abit then the door bell rang i got up and awnserd ''bram mark is here '' i yelled ''hey sarah you grow alot since i saw you ''  ''yea you saw me like yesterday '' i smiled he did too he was soo tall compared to me ''bram can i go over to shawns place with the boys '' i yelled after shawn texted me ''yea '' he said walking over ''ok bye mark by bro'' i gave bram a hug then mark i ran to shawns house in a hurry 

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