Dear sisters


1. Sister to sister...

Dear sisters

Some biological, some not

Together we do everything

Together we are strong

Together we will fight

Together we will overcome anything

We will build up the broken windows and shield from the stormy wind, together as sisters.

We will build up the broken bridge and find new paths, together as sisters.

In front of others we cover our faces with makeup; it's only in front of a sister that we can reveal our scars.

In front of others our eyes look normal; it's only a true sister that can reveal their emptiness.

When nobody understands, al that's ever needed with you my dear sister is a simple glance and you know exactly what's on my mind.

On the outside I smile but on the inside I'm hurting.

On the outside I smile but on the inside I'm overwhelmed with joy.

- only a true sister will know the difference.

What you're feeling inside will forever be a mystery for others but for your sister you're like an open book ready to read.

We sisters can be different but also alike, but no matter what we're always connected by heart.

We sisters share the same mindset, the same secrets, the same happiness, the same sadness, the same stories, the same laughters and most important, the same love for each other.

Sisters like that are rare and hard to find, always take care of the one you have.

Dear sisters

Through blood band or hands

We are each other's worlds

So put each other first, always

Cause together we are strong and never alone

There is so much heartlessness in this world

So never leave your sisters side, she won't survive without you, nor will you without her

Dear sisters until the end.

// sister

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