Pretend It's Love (Harry Styles)

Margarette Wilson has dug her way into a large hole of a lie. Can a curly haired guy be the solution to her problems.


3. ~Chapter Two~

I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut, could I?


This certainly wasn’t the first time in my life I’d told a lie. When I was four I’d told Mum that Lucy had broken the crystal vase she loved dearly when in reality it was my grimy hands that had done the deed. When I was ten I’d tricked my class mates into thinking I was blood related to the Queen and at seventeen I’d lovingly convinced my best friend that the poufy, peach coloured dress she chose to wear to formal didn’t make her look fat when indeed it did.


But the lie I’d told Mum and Lucy earlier that week was probably the hardest to get out of.


I wasn’t the type of girl to get into committed relationships. Casual dating was more so my thing. You know, dinner, drinks, a movie, perhaps a little snogging (if I was lucky, more) and a broken promise to call in a couple of days.


If fact, I can’t even remember the last time I’d gone on a date with a guy more than twice. Mum assumed it was simply because I couldn’t get a guy to stick around long enough but honestly, long term relationships just didn’t appeal to me.


Now that I’d made them think I’ve had a boyfriend for sometime now, there’s no way they’d let it go. I could hope and pray that the hullabaloo of Lucy's wedding would make them forget it but the chances were rather slim. Especially with my history regarding boys.


That left me with two choices.


Plan A: I could either confess and go back to being the lonely, cat loving loser I am




Plan B: I could quickly snag a boyfriend


Plan B sounds like my best bet.


“You’re late.” Anna's cheerful voice rang as I entered the shop, the brass bell ringing behind me. She didn’t even have to turn her back to know it was me straggling in late. After all, it was Saturday and only she and I were on shift.


“I know, but I came with coffee and a cinnamon scone so I reckon I’ll be excused.” I replied with a smile as I sat the cardboard drink tray down on the store’s counter before shrugging off my jacket and joining her behind the cash register.


It seemed like I’d been forever since I started working at the little shoe shop. In my second year of Uni, my parents had decided that it was far too expensive to pay college tuition and flat expenses for both Lucy and I. I was the oldest (by thirty minuets) so they encouraged me “take responsibility” and get a job.


Lucky for me, Anna and I had become good friends and her parents owned a little shoe shop that specialised in leather goods. They didn’t blink to hire me. After Uni, Anna's parents retired and she took over the shop. I on the other hand had no idea what to do with my English degree so I simply stayed put.


Even luckier for me, things were getting rather hectic for Anna running the shop by herself so she’d moved me up to a manager position. It wasn’t the job that I’d dreamed of but it was just enough to put clothes on my back, a roof over my head, food on the table (or rather many boxes of take away) and occasionally buy fancy feast for my cat. Plus it was really nice to work with someone I had a close friendship with.


Anna's eyes lit up as she spun around to face me. “Blond roast, three packets of sugar and extra cream?” She questioned.


I nodded. “Just how you like it.” I replied extending the coffee and pastry to my friend.


Anna eagerly accepted it but narrowed her light brown eyes at me warily.


“I appreciate it, Love but quite frankly I’m a little scared.” Anna declared before taking a sip of coffee.


“What makes you say that?” I asked greedily biting into a blueberry scone I’d gotten for myself.


“Because you’re coming in with scones and coffee and let’s be real, you never do that unless I ask you to. And on top of that, you’re in a hella decent mood for it to be 9:30.”


I shrugged. “Maybe, I just felt like surprising my lovely best friend this morning, that’s all.” I replied sweetly. Okay, so maybe I did have a hidden agenda.


We munched on our breakfast in silence for a while. Anna and I had that kind of friendship where we didn’t always have to always talk. When I had finished devouring the rest of my scone, I brushed the crumbs off my fingers and sighed.


“Anna, do you happen to have any male friends that are single?” I asked innocently, hoping to ease my way into the conversation whilst stirring another packet of sugar in my coffee. Anna started at me incredulously as she began unlocking the cash register. We was about 7 minuets left until opening time.


“Maybe. Why?” She retorted. I bit the corner of my lip hoping to make up a good excuse.


“Well, I was just hoping to get back on the dating scene again. It’s been a while you know.” I replied.


“Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?” Anna accused pointing the cash register keys as If they were some kind of weapon. I held hands up in surrender.


“Anna, please. I really need a boyfriend right now.” I pleaded. For the first time in my life I was desperate for a guy and for all the wrong reasons.


Anna raised a perfectly arched eyebrow at me as she moved from behind the counter and turned the store’s sign around to let customers know we were now open.


“So much for being single and independent.” She mumbled.


“Well, how about being single and ready to mingle?” I suggested which earned me another side eye from Anna. She was going to break me down of it was the last thing she did.


“Okay, Anna. I said something stupid. I said something bloody stupid.” I confessed. Anna frowned slightly, joining me behind the cash register.


“What’d you get yourself into this time?” She asked folding her arms across her chest.


I sighed. “Mum, Lucy and I had lunch Wednesday and Lucy announced her engagement and then Mum said I couldn’t get a boyfriend and so I kind of told them I had one and now they want to meet him". I blurted.


Anna started at me, a disapproving expression settling on her pretty face.


Anna was like a twenty-something year old mother to me. She was the voice of reason, always there to coach me through the stupid situations I got my self into.


"Anna, I was angry and I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to prove them wrong once.” I whined.


“So now you need a boyfriend to cover up the lie you told?” Anna asked.


See, this is exactly why we’re friends. She understands my motives no matter how ludicrous they may be.


“Yes! Exactly!” I shouted. My friend shrugged.


“Well, I don’t exactly know where you’re going to find a guy that’ll make you his girlfriend on the spot. You can try Tinder.” Anna replied with a shrug.


I sighed. “And make my self available to thousands of potential axe murderers? I don’t think so.” I replied folding my arms across my chest.


Anna reached over giving me a friendly pat on the back.


“The right guy will come in due time, Maggie.” She assured me.


I sighed. “That’s the thing Anna. I don’t have time.”


Our conversation was cut short by the brass bell of the shop ringing indicating our first customer of the day.


“G'morning Annabelle, Margarette.” Rang that familiar, slightly raspy voice. The defining sound of his old boots were enough to give me a headache as he sauntered toward the counter.


Harry Styles was Anna's favourite customer and the only person in the world who would dare call her Annabelle. He was our age, tall and lanky with legs that seemed to go on for days that were usually accentuated by black skinny jeans.


He had the oddest sense of fashion which mostly consisted of flamboyantly printed shirts. His mum obviously didn’t teach him the use of buttons either because he hardly seemed to use them on the shirts that he wore.


Harry’s love for boots came as no surprise. The only thing her ever brought in the store had something to do with boots. Shoe laces for boots, polish for his leather boots, wrinkles removed from his boots, cleaner for his suede boots, you name it.


Anna grinned. “Hiya, Harry. What can we do for you today?” She asked.


Harry ran a hand through his wild curls.


“I reckon I’m in need of a polish.” He replied.


I’m not quite sure what made Harry Anna's favourite customer. He was nice enough and cute enough so I guess those were good enough reasons.


Hmmm. Harry was rather easy on the eyes and he did seem to be rather fond of Anna and I. I think I’m starting to get a wicked idea.


“Do you want to buy more polish? We could always do it for you.” Anna suggested .


“I’m not doing anything. I’ll do it.” I volunteered myself much to Anna's surprise and dismay. She usually catered to Harry’s customer needs.


“If you don’t mind, then sure.” Harry agreed. For about the third time that day I’d earned a side eye from Anna. She knows I’m up to something and I have a feeling this something just might work.

Another chapter!!!

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