Kira is your average 17 year old girl, she goes to school, gets good grades and her family is decent. She has a bit of an attitude and says how she feels and isn't afraid to defend herself. All of that is about to change when a new kid named Luke comes to town and changes everything. This is NOT your average story and DEFINITELY not a love story.


5. Chapter 5

I run up the road to my house as fast as I can. I'm WAY too freaked out to waste time. I run into our backyard where Dylan and my Dad are.

"Hey kiddo." My dad says

"Hey kiddo." Dylan mocks

"Hi," I say panting

"What did you do, run here from school?"

"I thought your mother and I told you not to do that anymore."



"Yep," My dad smirks

"Your joking right?" I say, still panting

"No, go," 

I roll my eyes and open the backdoor "This is bullshit," I say under my breath.

"KIRA SAID BAD WORD." Dylan yells 
I run though the door and into my room as quick as I possibly can. I slam my door when my phone buzzes. I slowly reach for my phone... " 'I know about you?' What the fuck is this?!!" 

"Kira open the door" my dad says

"Why should I?"

"Because I'm your father. Open. Now." 

I quickly delete the text and open my door, "What?"

"You better watch yourself, mum and I are going out tonight, you think you can take care of Dylan?"
"Sure I guess," my dad turns to leave. "Dad, where are you guys going tonight?"
"Town meeting."
"Oh, ok."

My dad closes the door and I walk over to my bed. I open my laptop and start writing an essay for Science, when my mom calls me. "KIRA COME DOWNSTAIRS PLEASE."


I open up the door and Dylan is running around screaming, "KIRA GOT A BOYFRIEND DADDY!! HE HERE!! DADDY LOOK!!"

"What the hell?" I say under my breath. I walk downstairs and in the doorway talking to my mom is none other than Luke.

"Kira, you didn't tell us there where new neighbors, I would've brought a pie over."

"Oh no need Mrs. Jones, just having a friendly face is enough as a welcome present."

"HI KIRA BOYFRIEND!" Dylan shouts as he comes running in chasing Rocky.

"Dylan-" I'm cut off by my dad

"What's this I hear about Kira having a boyfriend?"
"Dad-" I stutter

"He's new to the neighborhood dear." My mom says.

"Oh, and what do you want with my daughter?" My dad says raising an eyebrow.

"Aaaannnnnd that's enough, OK, Dad, Dylan, this is Luke, he is JUST A FRIEND."

"Yeah totally and, I just had a question to ask, about school."

"Yes, school, um you can come up to my room and we can talk there."

"No, absolutly not." My dad says butting in.

"Hunter..." My mom warns, basically saying to back the hell off."

"Fine, but-"

"YOU HURT MY SWISTER DUG'LL EAT YOU!!" Dylan says pointing at Luke."

"OK, great I think he got the message. Come on." I walk up the stairs as Luke follows.
"Nice meeting you."


We get up to my room and he just looks aroud with a big stupid smile on his face. "What's so funny."

"Not funny, cute."

"What is?"
"Your family, your dog, your room is the best."

"Hey, this is the best I could do." We laugh, "Look I'm really sorry about all of that..."
"Don't worry about it. It's cool that your dad cares."

"Honestly I think he does it just to scare people."

"What about your brother?"
"Yeah no, he will try to get 'Dug' to kill you."


"So what was your question?" 

"Oh, um-"
"Did you even have a question?"

"Your blushing," I laugh,

"Shut up!" He says 

"Wait..." I say,


I quietly get up and start walking to my door, I open the door and my dad and brother try to pretened like they weren't just eavesdropping. "Really? Is it because he has a penis that I'm not a loud to talk to him?"

"HEY! Not in front of Dylan." My dad says

"Ok, fine whatever, just give us thirty minutes then you can come back and check on us. Deal?"
"Fine...let's go solider."

"HUT!" Dylan says closing the door and starts to walk downstairs.

"Again....sorry..."I say sitting on my bed.

"It's cool."

"Ok..." there was an awkward silence for a few minutes. "Wait..."

"How did you know where I lived? How did you know I left school? How did you know where to find me today?"

"I was wondering when you where going to bring that up...I  took the bus home and saw you sprinting by, I got off and kinda-sorta-maybe, followed you home..."

"Stalker." I joke

"No, just wanted to make sure you got home OK,"

"Okay" I say sarcastically." 

"Hey I have half a mind to tackle you right now."

"I wouldn't do that. My dad might think we are having sex."
"Does he even trust you?
"Yes, he just doesn't trust boys."


"Stop changing the subject, now answer my questions."

"Well, I ditched first period because I just didn't feel like going-"

"Ooh I got a bad boy on my hands."

He pretends I didn't say that and goes on with the story. "I heard someone screaming for help and I ran to the police and yeah, there you where. Now to stand up to a guy who has you at gunpoint, you either have no common sense or where high as fuck." He laughs a little, "you sure you're ok? I mean most people-"

"I'm not like most people."

"Clearly," he sits down next to me and I stare into his ocean blue eyes for what seems like forever and he leans towards me.  I lean in and our lips touch and what feels like time stops. I pull back and just sit there; I've never had a boyfriend let alone be kissed, but something about this felt right, but not like how most people kiss. "I-I should go..."

"Oh...ok...." I get up with him and we walk out of my room, down the stairs, through the halway and down some more stairs until we reach the door. "Bye..." I say shyly

"Bye..." he also says shyly. He opens the door and walks back to his house when I turn around to see my dad standing there.

"Dad!" I say 

"He left?"


"Did anything-"

"KIRA MICHELLE JONES!!" He yells, but I was already halfway up the stairs. 

I slam my my door and fall apart on my floor, I have no idea why though, the kiss was great, my paents weren't so unbearable and just looking out for me, but why am I so angry and confused, is it because of the gunman today or just because I'm a teenage girl that has no idea about what the hell she wants in life....

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