Kira is your average 17 year old girl, she goes to school, gets good grades and her family is decent. She has a bit of an attitude and says how she feels and isn't afraid to defend herself. All of that is about to change when a new kid named Luke comes to town and changes everything. This is NOT your average story and DEFINITELY not a love story.


3. Chapter 3

"" I start to sprint out of the water (I fell a few times because of the freaking water) and I tried to catch up to the person. They are quicker than me, now any reasonable person would've gone to the police, but I would've had to see  their face; which I didn't. They turn around and I get a quick (like 0.2 second quick) glimpse of their face. What I would see was a boy older than me, with dark hair. I start to shout "HELP!! STOP THEM!!" but no one was around. I don't have much in y bag but I have my phone and Luke's phone. I keep shouting and shouting "HELP STOP THEM!!!" But no one hears me or cares I guess. They turn down a dark alley. My instincts tell me to stop and go to the police, but the phone-loving-teenage-girl side powers through because I'm getting my fucking phone. Also if something happens to Luke's phone I'll most likely have to buy him a new one. 


He must've ran at least an mile because me legs are aching. He must've gotten to a dead end because now he's facing me. "Please just give me my bag back..."

"Shut up bitch. It's mine now and there's nothing you-"

"GET DOWN!!!" I hear a voice shout 

I turn back to the man who took my bag, he's holding a sleek black gun, right in front of me. "Move and you die."

Fear paralyzes me I'm too scared to move, I know in New York this is supposed to be a usual thing but it's 1000 times scarier when the gun is in your face instead of hearing about it on the news. "GET DOWN BEFORE YOU GET SHOT!!" I can't move, I feel myself falling, gunshots are going off like crazy. I'm dead, I have to be... "IS SHE OK!?" I hear the voice again."

"Kira?" Another man says softly, "Kira can you hear me?" 

I move slowly, "Y-yeah," my voice is shaking

"SHE SEEMS TO BE OK." The second man yells.

I turn around to see "my rescuer's" face. "What the hell? Luke?"

"I told you Boston Red Sox hat was a death wish." He jokes

"How? What?"

"How did I get out of school? How did I find you?"


"That's a policeman, I heard you screaming and went there. Manhattan is filed with physios, and rapists. Your really stupid you know that right?"

"Shut up,"

"What did you want back so badly?"

"My phone, and your phone because I sure as hell wasn't gonna buy you a new one."

"I think your parents would've killed me if you got shot because you didn't want to pay for a new phone." He wraps me in his arms and walks over to the man who held a gun to my face, he's covered in blood and barely moving.

"I-is he dead?"

"No, just shot in the leg, may bleed out though..."

"Shouldn't an ambulance be coming."

He stops moving and stares at me, "Kira, this guy just HELD A FUCKING GUN TO YOUR FUCKING FACE AND YOU WANT TO KNOW IF AN AMBULANCE IS COMING???"

"He's still a person and he can be healthy and then rot in jail."

"The police will take him to the hospital, clean him up then let him 'rot in jail'" he mocks me. I look back at the man, "Jesus Kira." He grabs my bag and hands it to me. I go through looking for his phone, I hand it too him. He takes his phone. He looks at his phone. The only notification he had all day was that text. His face drops and he looks at me with concern.

"Is everything ok?"

He shoves his phone in his back pocket and lies, "Yeah. Let's bring you back to school." I groan "It's not that bad."
"It isn't when the principal wants you to go see the schools shrink, because of "outburst," 

"What kind?"
"I started a fight, talked back, this morning's incident, swore a couple times."
"Damn your a total badass."

"Shut up." I laugh

"It's true, what kid is willing to o all of those thing and also cut school."

"You also cut."

We continue to walk back to school. He still has me in his arms. He opens the school door to my classroom. The entire class's eyes are on me, I feel super award as I walk to my seat and start to take notes. 


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