a little too much

life as a one direction member's girlfriend is not as easy lot's of hate lot's of love but my life has'nt always been like this i ran away from my previous life the truth im scared if he will find me and bailey


2. tomboy shoping

when we arrived we went to the manliest shop ''wow i really like this one '' i showed her a deadpool shirt ''omg i love that movie ''  ''me to'' 'go try it on dude '' i ran into the changing room and put the jeans the shirt the leather jacket and the cap i walked out like a man ''wow you got it dude'' i changed back and got loads of clothes ''i need sneakers'' ''yep'' i got loads of white and black sneakers and boots ''perfect'' we decided to take a pause and get some starbucks we finished at around 4:50 PM ''louis is gonna kill me for taking you out so long '' kayla said driving away we walked in ''what where you two doing'' we looked at each other ''we went on a tomboy's day out '' kayla explained ''oh and louis wee need you too help us carry the bags the hole car is full '' ''yea we kinda got out of controle with the man clothes and shoes'' i said smiling he singhed and helped us bring the stuff into my 'room' me and kayla put all the clothes in the walk in closet meaning we shoved it anywhere ''oh and bailey we also got you two bowls and some food and treats like alot alot'' kayla got the water and i got the food for bailey ''it was nice meeting ya bro'' kayla said punching me in the arm ''same'' i punched her back and she left i went outside with bailey and found a football i threw it around getting bailey to fetch it ''hey boss dog'' he barked ''i think this is a pretty good place to stay nick can't hurt you here or me ''  i looked at the view ''guys supers ready'' louis yelled i ran in baily behind me i sat down and ate fast ''you din't eat in ages '' ''yep'' ''how come'' i looked at bailey ''well my step father nick abused me and bailey only giving us a glass of milk and 1/3 of a sandwich so i bearly ate but it fells good having a full meal'' he smiled and we continiued eating i snuck a few pieces for baily to eat i got up and put my dishes in the sink ''im going to bed erly '' i said going into my room ''ok nigth'' ''nigth'' i layed in my bed petting bailey's soft fur ''what if he finds us bailey what if he takes me away  from you what if he hurts louis '' i said looking up ''we need to forget that boss dog the past is over now '' i fell asleep tierd of talking with bailey i was happy no one would hurt me

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