a little too much

life as a one direction member's girlfriend is not as easy lot's of hate lot's of love but my life has'nt always been like this i ran away from my previous life the truth im scared if he will find me and bailey


4. shitz shitz shitz

i looked up to see nick ''what did you do to bailey nick'' i asked angry ''i told you ill deal with him '' i looked behind him and saw bailey laying on the floor bleeding from his leg ''you hurt my dog '' i said trying to hald back my tears ''and ill hurt you if you don't shut up about that stupid dog ''  i looked back at him ''you had no rigth to hurt my dog you forgot you got him for my freeking birthday '' i felt tears come down mu cheeks nick grabed me ''bailey'' i was able too wisper nick was freeking choking me ''bailey '' i din't take my eyes off bailey he slowly got up and walked to nick i closed my eyes before being knocked out my nick i heard dog wimpers he was beating up my dog i layed on the floor knocked out i soon felt a warm body come on me it was furry 

i woke up in a hospital bed the boys where all in a corner while kayla was next to me ''where's bailey'' i managed to say ''who'' kayla said confused ''i want bailey my dog nick freeking beat my dog '' i almost yelled ''calm down bailey will be ok he's at the vet and nick is arrested '' hazza said playing on his phone ''no but i need bailey i want bailey '' at that moment the door opend and a nurse came in ''oh miss jackson your awake '' she said ''bailey'' i wisperd she was about to close the door but a dog passed througth and jumped on the bed ''boss dog '' i said petting him he barked ''poor bailey '' i said looking down at his front leg ''how could nick hurt such a sweet creature '' i hugged bailey smiling ''miss jackson the dog will have to go now'' the nurse said coming to the bed ''don't tuch bailey he stays '' i said as she reached for his collar ''ok'' she said baking away bailey layed next to me ''well you will be able to go home tomorrow but i would say don't go to school when you get back '' i nodded and the boys left i petted bailey alot until aound 8 ,8:50 ''good nigth bailey '' he jumped on me and layed down i missed having his weigth on me and being so comfy he was my life well i fell asleep pretty fast

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