a little too much

life as a one direction member's girlfriend is not as easy lot's of hate lot's of love but my life has'nt always been like this i ran away from my previous life the truth im scared if he will find me and bailey


1. help

im sarah and me and my dog bailey a male golden retriever we din't get the eisiest life ever 


''SARAH GET DOWN HERE" my step father nick yelled i walked downstairs ''i've gotten enough of this stupid dog he destroys everything '' i looked at him holding bailey by the collar ''bailey's still a pup and don't do anything to him'' nick walked to the door and shoved bailey out ''i will deal with this dog later '' he said walking towards me furious ''NO YOU WON'T TUCH MY DOG'' i yelled back at him his face became red with anger he punched he i could head bailey bark to come inside ''i will deal with him and you later go back upstairs missy'' i ran upstairs i sat on my bed looking at the old pictures i had of me and him when he loved me and bailey i looked at the one when he kissed me on the forehead and bailey too i cried i missed that nick when i used to call him dad daddy or papa i heard him walk up the stairs i put all the pictures into my pocket ''LET ME IN SARAH NOW'' i knew what he was gonna do i opend the window just as he broke the door and jumped out ''bailey come on '' we ran until it hurt we ended up under a tree in a storm ''bailey do you think he will be able to find us '' he barked ''really i want to say he won't but i really don't know'' i put my hand on his back and leaned my head on him ''i hope he does'nt find us '' i said queitly to bailey 


---louis pov---- 

i was walking around the dead streets close to my flat until i stumbled apound a girl and her dog ''you ok'' i said  stopping infront of them ''bailey calme down '' the girl said to her dog ''yes im fine'' ''well you don't seem fine come on ''  she took her dog's collar ''i don't want to take advantage of you ''  '' you wont come on '' i held out my hand to help her up she took it and got up letting go of the dogs collar the dog followed to my pet friendly flat ''you can stay in the guest's room ''  ''ok '' i showed her to the guest room and got the boys with their girlfriends to come by im the only one without a girlfriend man zayn get's em all



-----sarah's pov----

i sat on the bed with bailey on my lap some one nocked on the door ''come in'' i yelled ''hey i forgot to introduce myself im louis louis tomlinson'' he held his hand out and i shook it ''im sarah sarah nickolas and this is bailey '' i looked at his blue eyes they where beautiful i looked back at bailey as louis left i heard the front door open and girl's screaming when louis mentioned my name there was only one who said nice i heard a few nocks ''come in'' a girl with short boy hair like mine came in the room i liked her style ''hey im kayla im a tomboy '' ''sup im sarah me too im a tomboy '' she smiled so did i ''were gonna be great friends so wanna go shoping for clothes like not for girl ones but boy ones cuz your gonna come too school tomorrow bro''  ''what are we waiting for here we go '' we walked out bailey stayed ''boys where going shoping '' kayla said they din't really care so we just left 

a few minutes later

we arrived and i knew it was gonna be fun

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