a little too much

life as a one direction member's girlfriend is not as easy lot's of hate lot's of love but my life has'nt always been like this i ran away from my previous life the truth im scared if he will find me and bailey


3. first day fun

i woke up smelling  food i jumped up and ran into the kitchen i ate like a pig louis just laughed i brushed my teeth with my new call of duty toothbrush i brushed baileys teeth ''open  good boy boss dog''  ''hey sarah umm kayla did your back pack for today '' ''great'' i ran into my room and put on jeans my black sneakers with my ''dare me bro'' hoodie i got from a youtuber ''hurry up school starts soon and we walk'' louis shouted ''im coming ''  i told bailey to stay me and louis walked to school he showed me to the principals office the principal gave me my schedual for the rest of the year ''hey im in all the same classes as you '' ''math man i hate math '' ''trust me the math teacher is sick everybody loves him '' im kinda looking fowards to today we walked to math class and got there in time ''hello students today we are learning nothing like usual feel free to do anything you want '' i looked at louis ''sick'' ''mr tal what about homework'' the nerdy kid asked ''anybody who wants to do homework do page 40 in your math book cuz i honestly don't care ''  we all hung out and did anything until we had to g to next class ''noo chemistry the teacher is so nerdy and ugly i preferd the other one the replacement teacher'' ''who is it'' ''me'' my eyes widend ''your the replacement teacher'' ''let's say the principal's my uncle '' we walked to  chemistry class and paired up into teams of 3 me louis and kayla where together ''what hapens if i mix this with this '' louis said holding up a blue liquid ''no mr tomlinson do-'' she was cut off by an explosion after another then another ''that was awsome lou'' we all high fived each other we left class and went to lunch i sat down and took my juice box i opend it but instead of drinking it i threw it on louis ''FOOD FIGTH'' kayla yelled we all started throwing food at each other ''EVERYBODY DETENTION IN MATH CLASS AFTER SCHOOL EVEN YOU CAFETERIA PEAPOLE'' the principal yelled we all got washed off and changed ''that was awsome kayla'' we fist bumbed ''i know it was like tots amaz'' i laughed at her girlygirl impression i walked to my next class with lou ''ohhh louis's got a girlfriend'' a few boys said walking behind louis ''yea sarah you din't meet the boys that's harry he's the flirt that liam he's daddy payne that's zayn he's the vain and thats niall the food one and irish'' i said hi and they said hi too ''so whatcha think about louis eh'' harry said leaning on me ''get away harry'' i pushed him away ''louis got a girlfriend louis got a girlfriend '' they all shouted harry being the first louis kept walking to class i followed behind 


----one eternity later----

i put my stuff away in my locker and shoved my backpack on one shoulder ''so ya know louis kinda likes you '' zayn said walking with me ''why'' i said blushing ''cuz he loves that your bossy a tomboy and you talk to your dog ''  ''hey bailey's not only a dog he's my beast friend'' ''know i understand why louis likes ya''  i singhed ''do you like him'' i started blushing ''ohh sarah likes a boy sarah likes a boy and who is that '' he cheared ''louis'' i said quetly 

'what'' ''louis'' i said loud enough so he could heard ''he smiled and walked to louis flat with me i was ready to open the door but i din't i din't hear bailey inside and louis went to harry's place ''bailey'' the door opend shits

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