a little too much

life as a one direction member's girlfriend is not as easy lot's of hate lot's of love but my life has'nt always been like this i ran away from my previous life the truth im scared if he will find me and bailey


5. a little too much

i woke up in my bed at home i got up and got dresssd ''what should we do bailey '' i looked under the bed and found a football with hardly any air in it i went outside and threw it around ''good boy bailey ok ready '' he barked saying ready i threw the ball and went on my knees he ran and jumped onto my back so he could get the ball ''good boy bailey '' i scratched him ruffly it started raining but we played in the mud the hole day we decided to go back inside but we just stood there louis looking at us ''what did you guys do '' i looked at bailey ''we played.......in the mud '' i smiled he let us in i got washed then i washed bailey ''all dry '' i put on a hoodie with some sweats ''bailey come get your collar on '' i shouted taking his collar i put it on him and looked at the tag ''bailey owned by sarah nickolas '' i said outloud proud that i owner such a amazing dog  ''watcha watching lou'' i said crasing on the next to him ''nothing really there's nothing on '' he said going thru the chanels ''i know a movie it's awsome '' i took the remote and put on netflix i whrited 23 blast ''it's a football movie it's awsome trust me my hole childhood '' i said playing it we watched it ''elavator why'd you bring me down your the meanest ride in town elavator '' i sang as the hospital fun scene came on i laughed at that part i calmed down and watched the rest of the movie louis was glued on it he din't take his eyes off once ''like it '' i said as it finished ''no .... i loved it ''  ''what's your favorite part mine is the hospital fun one mostly the elavator ''  ''mine is when he drives '' i smiled ''what should we eat for super''  i said turning off netflix ''how about we tell harry to cook something he's one of the best chefs ever'' i smiled then lou called harry harry made auper and we all ate very fast ''im going to bed nigth '' i said getting up with  bailey '' ok nigth'' i walked in the room and got in the blankets with bailey ''today was fun bailey '' i said kissing him i fell asleep bailey in my arms i love cudleing with my bing ball of fur

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