Please don't be my soulmate.

I live in a world where everyone has a soulmate. but finding that soulmate is hard. So many just settle with finding someone and fall in love. But some, are lucky and find theirs.
I found mine.
I don’t know if I will call myself lucky, mine is apparently A painter that is known from playing around.
Will he be able to stop now that he has me? Will he even have me? and, do I even want him?


3. Chapter 3


~~I look at the paintings on the wall, considering taking them down, but they are so amazing.
the portraits to the abstracts.
he has a real talent, but he is what he is. a womanizer, and famous.
many would probably wish they were in my shoes, hey he's famous get good money.
he isn't a drug dealer or a pimp, but he is in a whole different  world than me.
I live from day to day on the money my  mom sends me and the part time jobs as a nanny when I don’t have to go classes.
he goes to fancy parties, hook up with supermodels and goes sailing.
I never even have been on a boat!
where in all this are we similar? a split soul my ass, we aren't even close of age.
and I haven't gotten that special sing they all talk about,  Liza came over after I got home wanting to know everything about him. but what I know is the thing they tell in the magazines and what I think I get from his paintings. I don’t know squat about him.
all I know is that he has blue eyes, dark hair, and cheekbones that should be illegal.
That’s the closes thing we actually have in common, our features.
I have almost the same color hair as him.
Not that it is a trait among soulmates, the soulmates I know can be African and Asia.
Features have nothing to do with soulmates, and apparently age hast either.
what would by mom not say when she not only finds out the guy I has been obsessed with for years is my soulmate, but that it is the 33 year old guy that I have been obsessed with.
Just the thought of it makes me feel like I have gotten a sugar daddy.
suddenly I hear the doorbell and stand up from my bed, I take my hoddie from the chair and walk towards the door taking it on. I open the door and almost slam it shut again.
,, hey Alice” Liam smiles handing me the big bouquet of roses.
I stand there dumbstruck looking at the flowers, how does he know where I live? I made him put me off 3 blocks from where I live cause of the big commotion a limousine would do.
did he follow me? ,, may I come in?” he question lifting a eyebrow.
,, I don’t think it would be a good idea” yeah, all the paintings, will diffidently  freak him out.
he frown disappointed. ,, I came to apologize about yesterday, I should have thought it trough” he bows his head “ I was just so excited to maybe learn more about you, I forgot that you we just a ordinary girl” ordinary…. yeah, I suppose that’s what I am in his eyes.
I am not supermodel, I don’t have a rich dad, or any big talents, so ordinary describe me.
But it still sting.
I look down at the bouquet not really sure what I should answer do that, other than I need to find a excuse to get him out of my apartment complex, sooner or later someone is going to recognize him. and when you talk about Satan, I suddenly hear miss Bevarox voice down the hall.
and she loves rumors and put her nose in everything she can.
I take a hold of his trench coat and pull him inside my entre, and slam the door shut after me.
,, don’t make a sound” I whisper pressing my ear at the door, trying to figure out if she saw him before I dragged him in. I don’t need the entire building to know I get guy coming late at night to my apartment. I hear her voice moving away from my door and sigh relived.
when I turn around he is gone, and I feel the Goosebumps down my back and cold sweat.
and as I afraid of he is standing inside the living room with wide eyes looking at all the paintings.
,, those are from before I became famous” he mumbles.
,, yeah, I kind of been a fan in 3 years, bought these before you became famous” I mumble red in the face. he turn his head towards me with a wondering look.
,, why didn't you sell these? You could get a lot of money for them”
,, are you kidding? I love them! I wouldn't just sell them to get money! I worked hard getting the money to even get these” I say horrified over the thought.
I worked 2 part time jobs go save up for these paintings, I am not letting them go.
the smile he sends me, sends shivers down my spine, and I feel myself smile back at him before I realize I am only standing in a hoodie and shorts, and plus my apartment is more messy than a garbage truck. embarrassed I try to clean the clothes of the floor and throw them into my bedroom.
and that’s why you always have you apartment cleaned, you never know who comes, I remember my mom said to me when I moved. I am one of the laziest persons at cleaning I have ever meet.
this isn't normal, Liza hate it, she always makes me clean when she comes over.
 but as I proofed to myself over and over, I can make it look like a atom bomb have exploded in under 12 hours. He looks calmly at me running around the house, putting the dirty dishes from dinner into the sink. ,, you don’t need to clean, I don’t mind” he grins.
I stop in my tracks, why do I even care? As soon as he realizes how boring I am compared to the usual girls he will not care less about me. We didn't get the spark we should have, we aren't linked as you usually are. The only thing we did do, was seeing the future we could have.
I look at the shirt in my hands, not sure what to do.
,, I'm sorry about how I freaked yesterday, it wasn’t very nice of me”
,, no I should say sorry, I came to give you this” he hands me the newspaper and on the front it reads ‘ Liam green soulmate? or just a new girl?’ with my face on it. “ I am so sorry about that”
I don’t even answer just look at the newspaper, I am so happy I decided to stay home today.
everyone in town must know about this by now! the picture is from my last picture day at school beside one they took of me fleeing into the kitchen with Liam.
how did they even get that? I turn around to the next page, and realize that’s not only what they have of me.
‘Alice Wonder, 18 year old girl from Axon College. She was seen getting into Liam greens car after he came to pick her up, at the school. Not soon after she was found in a restaurant eating with Liam. But there seem to be trouble in paradise already, the waiter claim that Alice Wonder got mad at Liam and told him that she didn't need this. Who is she? Some girl he found interesting in, that will be replaced next week? or his soulmate as sources claim?’
horrified I scan the words again and again, they make it sound like I was a attention whore!
I look at him and point at the paper ,, this was exactly what I meant? I don’t need this! I am not used to this, what shall I say in school tomorrow with my face all over the newspaper like some attention slut?! what do you think my family will say when they find out that I approximately is going out with a older man, that may or may not be my soulmate?!” I snarl throwing the newspaper at him.
“ THIS is the reason I ran away the first night, I can't believe this” I yell felling the tears run down my face, he starts to get closer to me, but I just snarl that I want him out of my apartment.
he opens his mouth to say something but I just scream that he should go.
he looks at me with sad eyes before he leaves.

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