Please don't be my soulmate.

I live in a world where everyone has a soulmate. but finding that soulmate is hard. So many just settle with finding someone and fall in love. But some, are lucky and find theirs.
I found mine.
I don’t know if I will call myself lucky, mine is apparently A painter that is known from playing around.
Will he be able to stop now that he has me? Will he even have me? and, do I even want him?


2. Chapter 2

~~,, I can't believe it, you actually found your soulmate?! Who is it?” Liza asks looking at me with excitement when we walk out of our last class of the day.
Jesus, I should never have told her, I knew she would react this way. But I just needed to tell someone the crazy stuff that happened yesterday. I'm the first of my friends to find my soulmate.
,, it doesn't matter, he is a player, this won't change anything” I tell her not wanting to tell her that the guy that is all over my apartment actually is the guy I'm supposed to marry and have kids with.
That’s just to cliché even for me.
she roll her eyes, but decide not to dig into it more, even though I know this isn't the last I hear of this. we walk towards the gate around the school when suddenly people start to run past us towards the exit. confused we follow, and see all the people gathered.
,, what the hell is going on?” she question when we move towards the crowd, I take a hold of her hand and start to push my way through people, I don’t have time for this, I want to go home.
when I'm finally past all the people I start to walk away still holding Lizas hand, when suddenly a big guy in a suit move in front of me with crossed arms, I try to move past him but he just steps in front of me again. ,, what the hell, move” I say trying to get past him, feeling myself getting more and more irritated. This is simply not my week, first I get my soulmate and now this.
he just look at me not moving at all, and I start to freak out a little, and I hear Liza whisper we maybe should just go back to the crowd when I suddenly hear ,, Alice! Hey Alice” I turn around and almost yelp when I see who is calling me from the inside of one of the cars.
I turn around and say to Liza maybe she's right we should just go back to the group, and almost drag her with me, she looks at the car with big eyes when she realize who it is that have their head out of the window. ,, did he just call you? and why is he even her- oh my god! is it him?!” she yells looking at me with excitement ,, the guy you have all over your apa-“ I put a hand over her mouth and whisper in her ear that one more word and the rest of the school will hear about the time she was so drunk that she slept in the garbage outside my apartment waiting for me.
She shut up but still look at me with big eyes telling me that she will hear all about it later.
And this is why I didn't tell her, not only did I find my soulmate that is a big deal.
But it turned out to be him, the guy that is all over my apartment, and a great deal, and a womanizer.
Still dragging her towards the crowd I can't help but wonder how he even knew I had classes here.
The only thing he knows about me is my number and name, can famous people just find people with that little information? I hear whisper all through the crowd while people start to point at me.
This is exactly what I tried to avoid.
,, Alice wait up” I turn around cause I know this isn't going to work and smile strained at him.
,, hey Liam” I say trying not to sound to unfriendly. He smiles that smile that got him into having big roles in movies before taking my hand. I look down at our hands and want to pull it back, but now people are taking out the phones and I don’t want to make a scene.
,, do you know how hard it was to find out where you where?” no, but apparently not hard enough, for here you are I think shaking my head like I have no clue, as I don’t have.
he turn his attention towards Liza and smile at her to with that smirk, her face turn slightly red and she look down at her shoes. ,, anyway, u came to take you out to eat. I think we need to learn each other to know” he says turning his attention towards me, I start to make a excuse up in my head, but doesn't even get a chance to say anything before the big guy from before comes over and escort me and Liam into the car. I look out the window with a pleading face for her to help me, but she just wave enthusiastically and mime I have to call her.
Did I just get kidnapped, on Open Street without anybody doing anything? I think looking around the car, still not believing this is happening to me.
,, I know this place that have great food” he tells me with a smirk, that normally would have taken my breath if I wasn’t freaking out about sitting in a car with a man I only know from the magazine taking me somewhere I don’t know. we start to drive into the inner city, and I can't help but think about all the other girls that have been in my situation and must have been thrilled to be with him.
and probably all the girls that will come after me, when he realize that this isn't the normal ideal soulmate meeting. This isn't u-normal for him, he goes on dates all the time, and the only difference is that I am his so called soulmate. But eventually he will also grow tired of me like with the rest of them. when I am finally left out of the car, do I want to kill myself.
We both just sat there for 10 minutes without saying anything at all to each other.
He put a hand on my waist and lead me to a empty table.
a waiter comes over to us with a big smile ,, mister green, so good to see you” he then looks at me and the smile fade a little “ mister green, It isn't my place to tell you who you can play around with. But this one is awfully young don’t you think?” he looks at me with a worried look and I look at my hands feeling like some slut. Liam looks at the waiter with a smile taking the menu card out of his hand and hand it to me. ,, yeah she is younger than the ones I usually is with. But you can't really choose who you soulmate are” he then turn his attention on the card, leaving both me and the waiter dumfounded. did he just openly tell that I am his soulmate? and did he just insult me?
,, well excuse me for being so young. it wasn’t really my plan for the evening to sit at the grownups table” I snarl feeling my anger blush up, it's you that came after me, not the other way around.
,, no, I think you misunderstood what I mean-“ I stand up and look at him with a glare, I don’t care who he is, and I defiantly don’t care he is my soulmate. he is rude, and he is a player.
right now I'm interesting cause I am new, and supposedly is his true love.
but it is clear, that I will just be another hole in his belt, and I have no interest for that.
I turn around to walk away, when I see them, paparazzi, and not just one, more, like 10.
I take the menu card and cover my face, I can't believe it! I don’t need this!
I don’t want to be the next front page with the words ‘ the new girl’ how do I get out of here?
suddenly I feel a arm around my shoulders ,, I'm so sorry about this, I didn't think they would find us this fast” he start to pull me towards the kitchen “ we can take the back exist to get away”
we walk into the kitchen and the waiter from before leads us to the door, where the car is waiting for us. When we sit in there and I finally let out my breath I look at him.
,, I don’t need this, okay? Not only will I hear about this tomorrow from everyone on campus, now the whole world knows about this” I sigh and hide my head in my hands. I feel a hand on my shoulder and he whisper softly,, let me drive you home”


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