Please don't be my soulmate.

I live in a world where everyone has a soulmate. but finding that soulmate is hard. So many just settle with finding someone and fall in love. But some, are lucky and find theirs.
I found mine.
I don’t know if I will call myself lucky, mine is apparently A painter that is known from playing around.
Will he be able to stop now that he has me? Will he even have me? and, do I even want him?


1. Chapter 1

I walk into the room with excitement, it is the first time since he became so famous that he has a exhibition in my town. When I found out I could almost not contain my excitement, I have been a big fan of his art for three years now.  After I saw one of his paintings in the window of an art shop. At the time he wasn’t really famous, it was first one and a half year later people started to recognize his talent. I have so many paintings and pictures of him that my friends call me obsessed.
I don’t know why, but there is something about them that just screams to me.
many likes him now, and I am glad that people do, but when it was me and just a few others, I don’t know, I felt somehow a connection to him trough his art. Now, he's just another big artist with a swarm of fans following him around. or at least that what I read, the magazines call him a big womanizer and say he has a new girl on his arm every time they see him.  After I started to read about him in the paper, I was deeply surprised, because that wasn’t the impression I had got from his art. But no matter what, I can still love his art, even he isn't what I thought he was.
I move over to the first picture that catches my eyes.
it is a elderly woman sitting with a small child on her knee, it is clear they are related, cause they have the same eyes with that spark of life.
,, do you like it?” I hear a voice say behind me, I don’t even turn around when I answer.
,, I love it, this is so beautiful even though it's so simple, you clearly see the joy of life the old woman have as the child, she hasn’t lost her spark yet” the voice behind me chuckle and I feel someone come up beside me.  ,, it is my grandma and my sisters daughter, and you're right, she defiantly hasn’t lost her will to live yet”  I smile over the warmth in the voice when he talks about his family. Wait, his family? I turn around and gasp when I realize who is standing beside me.
None other than the artist, Liam green.
he looks at the picture with a faint smile on his lips, but when he turns and look at me.
That’s when both our lives changed for either the better or worse.
I look into his eyes and see myself smiling, on a beach, then myself sitting in a car kissing him.
Then standing in the Eiffel tower where he gives me a ring. And then me holding a baby in my arms. Even though this has never happened to me before I know what it means.
He is my soulmate, and this is glimpse of that life we can have together.
I see that I wasn’t the only one seeing these things, when I see his surprised face, but suddenly it turns into a big smile instead. ,, I finally found you again” he moves closer to me, I take a step back scared.
I know what will happen next, everyone knows that. We all have heard about it in school.
First we will look into their eyes seeing glimpse of a life we can have, then we will fall completely in love with them. And then we will send of pheromones that are almost like aphrodisiac effect on us, each time we see each other until we decide to give after.
As they use to tell us, not with everyone will it happen in that order, but we will all go through every step. And I'm not ready yet, I am not ready to put my own life on hold for someone else.
I never thought I would find mine, and at least not this early in my life, I am not ready to settle down with someone fait or whatever chooses for me. Their say it our bodies and souls that choose for us. That we are one soul that split into two before we were born, and that’s why we seek each other, to be complete. He keeps coming closer and I keep backing up waiting for the blast of love that is supposed to fill me up. I already like him for his art, is that’s why it don’t come? I wonder smiling putting my hands up when he got me into a corner. People look confused at us, he put his hands on each side of my head. ,, do you know how long I have waited for this?” he says hoarse looking at me with a smile. I feel myself get uneasy, this man is a womanizer, I will just end up like the others. just because I'm his soulmate don’t mean he will stop fooling around with other girls, and I don’t want to be someone’s just because my soul tells me too. I want to be with someone because my heart says so.
And I don’t trust him to give me his heart, even if I decided to give him mine.
,, please let me go, I-I I'm not ready for this” I mumble looking down, of all people, why him?!
he just chuckle and lean in, probably to kiss me, but I freak out and slap him instead.
I hear gasp from all around me and look at all the surprised faces, and then I turn towards him.
,, I'm sorry! that was totally out of line! I was just scared, everything moves to fast!” I apologies trying to get past him, but he keeps me captured towards the wall.
,, I'm sorry for scaring you, it's just that I have looked for you so long, that I couldn’t contain my excitement” he put his hand out and I shake it “ my name is Liam green” he smiles so bright that I almost feel the love I am supposed to feel. god he's handsome.
,, Alice wonder” I smile nervous and shake his hand, he looks at me with that look I always get.
,, Alice Wonder? like Alice wonderland?” he ask tilting his head, yeah, what can I say, my mom had a thing for that story as a child. And when she married a guy with the last name Wonder, it was supposedly to hard not to give me that name. I nod and explain to him why.
he laugh softly and I can't help but join in, he's not at all like they make him in the papers, he's actually kind of sweet. or is it the soulmate stuff that makes me think that?
suddenly a woman with a golden dress comes over to us with a stern look. ,, Liam honey, what are you doing?” she ask grapping his arm before sending me a cold look, or maybe he is just like the newspapers, it isn't even a week ago he was on the front page kissing another woman.
He don’t even look at her when he answers,, Bella I want you to meet my soulmate” she looks surprised at me and look up and down, like ‘her? Seriously?’ I smile nervously.
,, you didn't tell me you had a soulmate” she snorts still holding on to his arm ,, why aren't you two not together then?” I want to tell her that I just meet him, and I didn't do it on purpose.
but she scare the life out of me, Liam is way older than me, and so his is mostly all of the women he goes out with. I can't really see me trying to tell her that a 18 year old is the soulmate to a 33 year old guy. ,, we just meet, isn't she lovely?” he ask smiling at me making me feel very uncomfortable, this is the first time anyone ever called me lovely. And then it happens when we are the centre for the entire room. I feel everybody’s eyes on me after the little stunt we made.
,, I'm sorry, but I really need to go” I force myself past him and head for the door, as fast as I can without looking like I flee from a murder scenario. I feel a hand on my arm, and Goosebumps up my arm, I look at the hands owner and see Liam standing there with a deep frown.
,, please don’t go, at least give me your number” he ask softly, just wanting to get away I hand him my number, he smiles at me before letting go of my arm and I run down the street as fast my hells will allow me. How could this happen, I am way too young to settle down yet, and with him of all people. I love his art, but I don’t love him. Or will I soon do that? They say in class I would.
so why do I only feel my stomach drop instead of butterflies or whatever that feeling should be?

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