Drumsticks and Bows

Alexa Netting is your typical shy girl: awkward, nerdy, and very quiet. James Mitchelson is your typical jock: loud, outgoing, and sporty. Alexa has had a crush on James for quite some time now, and doesn't want him to know. What will happen? (This story and the characters are based off of real life. Alexa is me, and this is mostly a true story.)


1. Chapter 1

There's this one tragic love story that I have to share with you today. It's mine. You've probably heard the classic love stories, such as Romeo and Juliet, or perhaps Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, but this is my own.

My name is Alexa Netting, and this is my story.

It all started in fifth grade, when I first met him, aka the love of my life. Technically, I'd met him before, but I never knew his name.

He was in my math class, and he sat next to me. However, I hardly ever paid him any attention, because I had a crush in someone else, but we'll get to him later.

You're probably wondering, "What the heck is his name?"

Well, his name is James. James Mitchelson. He's the nicest and cutest guy you'll meet, with his dark hair and dark soulful eyes. But, too bad for me, he barely knew I existed.

Now, here I am in seventh grade, and everything's different. I told you I'd get to my ex-crush later, so I'll do it now. Tyler Anderson was a jerk. He's really cute though, so it was hard for me not to fall for him. I moved to the town we live in, in second grade. Tyler was in my class, and he was so nice to me. I started liking him. Biggest mistake of my life, because in sixth grade...he said some...things to me. With the help of my three friends, Jara, Ally, and Shay, I got over him.

I began liking one of my friends, Will, for awhile. But then it got weird to like my friend, so I stopped.

Then, James happened again. He was in Algebra, the advanced class, with me. Sadly, Tyler was too. James occasionally chatted with me, but never paid a lot of attention to me: I was always so awkward around him. It happened when you had anxiety and social anxiety...like I sadly do.

That's all that's happened so far with us, and most likely, there's more to come.

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