meant to be

im sarah everything bad happens to me i break up i lose my dog but is it meant to be ill find out one day


1. ...

i woke up and did my morning rutine what i mean is i shove cerial into my mouth and shove dirty chothers on messing up my short shawn mendes hair i jumped downstairs and went too school i was happy that today is the last day that im gonna be in secondary i walked inside and was greeted by something horrible ''sarah im breaking up'' josh said looking into my eyes i turned around and went too my class great i was in every single class he was in 

i walked into math class and drew a dog my old one silver ''miss jackson save that for art class '' mr can said i put it away and took my math book -my best friend left me yesterday i broke up with josh man i don't miss josh but i miss silver my dog we where meant to be - i thaugh i got up when the bell rang and went to chemistry with shawn my nest friend and charlie we all had to go in teams of 3 i got with charlie and shawn my only friends ''hey what's wrong sa'' charlie asked he knew something bad happened i still din't tell him about silver and josh'' well yesterday silver passed away and josh broke up with me today'' i said abit upset ''you seem not to care about josh'' shawn pointed out ''yep not at all but i care about silver ....... well let's forget this '' they noded ''miss jackson mr mendes and mr puth do the expiriance i explained '' i looked at them we did it fine but at the end ''hey what's this'' i asked picking up a black chemical ''no mr jackson don-'' i cut him off by pouring it in and causing to make a explosion ''that was................AWSOME'' we all yelled at the same time the bell rang and i went to my next classes art the only class josh always skips we could do anything this class i painted silver on a canvis the bell rang and i left 

----silver's pov------ 

i died but im back now i gotta find sarah i jumped out of the box and ran man i was aleready an adult i ran and ran until i got to the contry -hmmmm garbage horse food pigdog-- i ran until i reached the house i looked down im still the same breed i ran to a girl walking home from school sad ''hey boy your owners must be worried sick '' i wagged my tail ''you better find them i know how it feels missing my best friend'' i followed her --but im silver it's me boss dog -- i sat on the porch until she came back out she took me to a place where i was put in a cage -don't leave me sarah don't please'' 

--sarah's pov--
i sat at the table with a plate of food ''it felt like if i knew that dog he looked odly like silver '' i said to myself i got up and drove back to the place ''you wanna get out'' the dog jumped up i took him out and drove back home

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