A Collection of Thoughts

This isn't a story. It's a collection of thoughts, ideas, and poems. I'm not posting this for anyone but myself. If someone so happens to stumble upon these and enjoy them, than I am glad. If not, that's okay. They just need to get out there.


2. Nothing




it comes from emotions

some sad, some happy

some mad, some sappy


All those who write 

feel the emotions

flooding through

and taking over

letting the words come out

to make their visions come to life


So here I sit 

writing my poem

the night is crawling through my window

And I sit and stare

Stare at the screen

Stare at the paper


As my fingers linger above 

not a thought in my head

I realize

I am not happy

I am not sad

I am not sappy

I am not mad


So, how can I sit and write 

when nothing happens to me


I see things, I do not experience


I feel nothing

So here I am

Writing nothing. 

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