A Collection of Thoughts

This isn't a story. It's a collection of thoughts, ideas, and poems. I'm not posting this for anyone but myself. If someone so happens to stumble upon these and enjoy them, than I am glad. If not, that's okay. They just need to get out there.


9. I hear him slowly creep upon I

I Hear Him Slowly Creep Upon I 

I hear him slowly creep upon I.

He rounds the room slowly behind

me and starts descending. 

I try to hide under my blankets

begging them to bring me salvation. 

"There's no help here miss."


I cry out and duck my head under 

for fear of the thing coming

towards I.


The things is not natural.

It's huge, bigger than my ceiling.

He has to crouch and lurk when he 

comes around. 

He has white jagged teeth and 

unkind eyes. 


He barks insults and hurls them my direction. 

"Good for nothing."

"Ugliest thing since before the time."


I try to dodge every bullet

it shoots. 

It's easier said than done.

I'm usually very swell at it; that is

until the day turns into darkness.


So here I am. Under my shield 

waiting for the attack from the beast. 

He's so close now, I can feel his

breath on my neck. So close I can

read the name on his collar. 

"Sorrow." It reads. 

He lounges towards. 
He latches himself on. 

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