A Collection of Thoughts

This isn't a story. It's a collection of thoughts, ideas, and poems. I'm not posting this for anyone but myself. If someone so happens to stumble upon these and enjoy them, than I am glad. If not, that's okay. They just need to get out there.


7. I Couldn't Help Myself

I Couldn't Help Myself

I couldn't help myself. It wasn't just a feeling you get. No. It's the action that kept me doing it. I know I shouldn't have. I really did. One shoulder told me to go ahead and do it. Take the knife and get the job done. The other shoulder told me not to. It told me, you know you shouldn't be doing this. Think about your kids, your husband! I shrugged that shoulder's thoughts away. I slowly started walking to the kitchen. I was only after one thing and one thing only. One step. Two steps. I was getting closer and closer. Dammit. This is all wrong. I want the kids to experience this also. It would be selfish of me if I didn't share. No. It has to be done now. They might try and stop me. There was only three steps left till I got to the knife rack. I slowly approached the long, slick blade. I had to choose wisely here. One blade was too long. Not good enough. One was too short. Still not the one I desired. Finally, I laid my eyes upon the perfect one. Yes. I careful picked the knife up by the handle and walked up to my victim where it laid helplessly on it's side. I smiled when I saw it was being submissive. I took the knife and plunged it into its skin repeatedly. I looked down at my red ridden hands and felt accomplished. The tomatoes were finally chopped and ready for dinner when the kids got home. 

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