Arthur Dark

A chilling little story to frighten yourselves at night! Have fun reading!


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I remember the time when he went. Both of us, Karl and Arthur, young teenagers who didn't have the slightest idea of what the world outside would bring them.

It was after his 15th birthday: coming home from the party, both of us dazed and tired out by all of the chatting and dancing. Luckily I was 16 and able to drive Arthur home. But when we got there and I was unpacking, I heard that piercing, blood-chilling scream coming from upstairs. As I jumped two stairs at a time, no other noises came from upstairs except the pounding of my heart. As soon as I entered the bathroom, I saw an image that would not leave my mind in a hurry: the bags were on the floor, clothes sprawled in a dirty heap with what looked like... ash? It was everywhere, all over the floor, the walls and even the ceiling! But the mirror.... All of the glass was cracked and splintered with bits of it everywhere, but there was blood, real blood in between all of the cracks, like it was previously living! The place looked like a war scene! "What the hell?!", I cried.

It was after that when I saw it. With all of its hideousness: the Dark. The dark kind of, shifted. It grew and bulged and slithered around the room. Wide-eyed with terror, I grabbed the nearest toothbrush and held it out in front of me, and the dark grabbed it out of my hand! It disappeared in an instant before my eyes. After that, time seemed to stop. I saw a living nightmare in the same room I had been using for the whole of my life. A shape formed in the shadows which looked like the outline of Arthur I once knew. I stifled a cry to then see another horrible sight, the shape opened its eyes! As soon as i saw that, I knew what had happened. Arthur had become the dark.

It then said to me, "It is time for you too." And it took me, embraced me inside its cold depths and sucked the life out of me, extinguishing me in an instant. Just like the toothbrush.

Now, you ask, how am I possibly telling this story? Well, what you didn't know is that I am always right behind you, waiting. Waiting to make my move and take your sole for mine...

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