there's nothing holding me back

every body try's to hold be back well good luck im fearless adventurous im an explorer a everything i would do anything to save or protect my friends and loved ones


1. ....

im sarah im this person who has a lion as a pet realy he's male lion called simba he wont kill me he's the best ever but he can't stay i have too much animals and they want to take him away 


i woke up and sat up in my bed ''morning simba'' i said strocking his mane i got up and gave him his food i  fed my 6 dogs and my 5 cats my tiger jaguar bunnys liizards horses and zebra man i always have too do this ''ready for a walk simba'' i said cliping the horse lead on a harness i made for him i walked outside with a lion a tiger 6 dogs and a jaguar im a crazy animal women i put them all in there inside cages and opend the trap door so they can go outside i always let simba free he was the first big cat ive ever had since i was a kid my parents got me him i went outside with  simba and let the horses out in the pasture ''simba it would be nice to get you a female lion '' he looked up and roard ''bud your gonna be lonely when i go back at school in a month i want my best friend have company of another animal of your kind'' i gave him a kiss and got him in th passengers seat in the car i buckled him up and opn dhis window ''hey miss you know he can kill you'' a man in th car next to me yelled i put my shades up ''ive had him forever since i was  5 '' i rolled my window up and kissed simba we got to the exotic animal santuary where i got simba ''hello miss jackson what are you doing here with simba'' she said walking into the cage place ''im here to get simba a female buddy for when im at school'' ''folllow me '' i followed her to the lion place i let simba with a few female lions he mainly  did nothing he only stayed infront of me ''ok last one simba '' the lady took a white lioness ut he got up and they played for an hour ''ill get her and ill name her snowy'' he gave me snowy in the cage and got a few peapole to help me get her innto the car when we got home i fed them all and took stripe out for a walk my tiger then dabber my jaguar i rid spirit rain storm and geist my horse family and then zed my zebra i payed with the dogs the cat the lizards and the bunnys 

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