Nothing Nice

Hanna and Liam don't know the answer to the question they always ask themselves, "Are we a 'thing'?". When Hailee, Liam's ex and Hanna's former best friend returns from a long break of school, what will happen?

Hey guys, this is my first book, so I won't really mind if I don't get reads or if you comment on down below that I didn't spell something correctly or something like that. But if anyone ends up reading this, enjoy!


1. The Beginning of The End

I see it, Liam, her, bed, kiss, gasp, grope, grind, pleasure, moan.. Love. I'm hurt by the sight of it. I silently bawl my eyes out. How. How could he do this to me?! I'm his best friend. We've been through everything together. I'm speechless. Hurt. Furious. I'm the angriest person on earth. Liam and her. I think it's over. My life, broken into pieces.


Hanna POV

"Hailee!" I yell down the halls of Lockdale Academy. It was the start of June, which meant school was nearly over. "Hailee!" I yell again. She's not answering. She's two metres away from me. Thankfully, I have long arms, so I manage to get a hold from her and grab her arm. "What do you want Hanna?!" she asked as she turned dramatically around. "What's going on," I ask. "Why aren't you talking to me?" She's been avoiding me for the past few weeks. "I can't talk about her, Hanna!" she finally answers me after a minute and a half of what I think is crying. I've been hearing strange news about her mom, I don't think it's true though, but people have been glaring at me and glancing. I thought for a while, was I involved in this?

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