Nothing Nice

Hanna and Liam don't know the answer to the question they always ask themselves, "Are we a 'thing'?". When Hailee, Liam's ex and Hanna's former best friend returns from a long break of school, what will happen?

Hey guys, this is my first book, so I won't really mind if I don't get reads or if you comment on down below that I didn't spell something correctly or something like that. But if anyone ends up reading this, enjoy!


4. Talk Shows

I check my phone. 5 Instagrams, 8 tweets, 3 Facebooks, 73 messages. One message is from Liam Orles. I have no idea who that is. l go back to Alex. She's been talking about how Zayn is the devil and he led One Direction down a cliff. She's great at improvising. "Why do you keep looking at your phone, Hanna?" she asks with a questioning look on her face. "Just notifications. I'll turn my ringer off." I say, half lying. "I'm your best friend, Hanna. You can tell me anything." She says, with a gentle smile on her face. "I got a text from Liam Orles. You know who it is?" I ask, even though I know the answer. "I know everyone in the school. Why wouldn't I know him?" She says, with a slight smirk on her face. Without letting me answer, she continues her sentence. "He's in our class. Pretty shy. Why don't you check the text?" She asks, with giddiness. I check it. "Just a 'hi'. Nothing fancy." I lie. I hate lying to her. "Okay." she says. I'm so surprised, I stop breathing for 15 seconds. How is she not going to investigate? *DING* Great. Just my luck. She's obviously going to investigate now that I've got a notification. Nothing. Not even a smirk. What's going on?! Why is she so calm about this?! Whatever. I grab her arm. She gives me a questioning glare. I let her look at all of my texts. All of my tweets, all of my Instagrams, all of my Facebook posts, even though she's seen all of them. She seems confused. Something's going on, and I don't know what it is.

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