Nothing Nice

Hanna and Liam don't know the answer to the question they always ask themselves, "Are we a 'thing'?". When Hailee, Liam's ex and Hanna's former best friend returns from a long break of school, what will happen?

Hey guys, this is my first book, so I won't really mind if I don't get reads or if you comment on down below that I didn't spell something correctly or something like that. But if anyone ends up reading this, enjoy!


14. Sometimes You Have To

Liam POV

"Hanna, I need to talk to you," I say as I gently grab her arm and bring her to the back of the school as soon as it's over.

"What's going on, Li?" She asks with a half worried half curious look on her face.

"Are we.. real?" I ask and I have no idea what her reply will be. My hands are on the wall and she's right in front of me. Is that the right pose?

"I..if.. may-" she stutters. I'm scared. What if we aren't? What if this was all just fake? What if she thinks I'm using her?

"Hanna, please. I need to know." I say. I feel her trying to escape.

"Liam, this is a lot for me.. I.. I honestly.. I don't know.." She says with a pressured/sad face before she ducks under my arms and runs. I watch her grab her backpack and..leave me. "Hanna! Wait!" I say, but she's too far to hear me. What just happened?


"Damn, bro. You got dumped, didn't you?" Aiden, my jock friend asks while asking for a beer. He's the one who decides which place to hangout.

"Asshole. Why do you have to ask him, Aiden? It's his buisness." My other friend, Jake, says while nudging Aiden.

"Guys, I don't even have a girlfriend. You do know that, right?" I ask. What the fuck is wrong with these two?!

"I do, but I don't think he does." Jake says before the waitress comes and gives us our drinks.

"Here's my number. Call me sometime." Aiden says with a wink and hands the waitress a paper. The waitress blushes and walks away still holding the paper. Dammit, Aiden. Why do you always have to be the public hitter?

"Godammit, Aiden. I was gonna get her first!" Jake says after taking a shot of his drink. I roll my eyes.

"This is a bar, not a club, guys.!" I say whilst rolling my eyes.

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