Nothing Nice

Hanna and Liam don't know the answer to the question they always ask themselves, "Are we a 'thing'?". When Hailee, Liam's ex and Hanna's former best friend returns from a long break of school, what will happen?

Hey guys, this is my first book, so I won't really mind if I don't get reads or if you comment on down below that I didn't spell something correctly or something like that. But if anyone ends up reading this, enjoy!


3. Andi's..Boyfriend?(Short Chapter)

"Boyfriend?!" I say in ultimate surprise. "Yeah, she's been talking about Caleb, her 'boyfriend'. I doubt they're actually together, though." Alex says, while bunny earing boyfriend. "Alex, how are you so cool with this?! She's only four! She's too young to be heartbroken!" I say, totally confused why Alex has such a chill face. "I'm pretty sure she's the heartbreaker." Alex says. It gets a chuckle out of me, but then the boyfriend comes to mind. "But how does she have a boyfriend? Do they even go on dates?" I say. After 30 minutes of talking about that, we finally go upstairs to Alex's room. It's full of One Direction pictures and posters. Only half a quarter of her room is empty. I'm used to it though. Lots of people wouldn't think she's a fangirl, but she's an ultimate one.

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