Nothing Nice

Hanna and Liam don't know the answer to the question they always ask themselves, "Are we a 'thing'?". When Hailee, Liam's ex and Hanna's former best friend returns from a long break of school, what will happen?

Hey guys, this is my first book, so I won't really mind if I don't get reads or if you comment on down below that I didn't spell something correctly or something like that. But if anyone ends up reading this, enjoy!


2. A Single Bump

I bustled through the halls, confused and worried. What happened to her mom? Why are people staring at me? Why won't she talk to me? I had so many questions, it overflowed and I totally forgot about the outside world and started thinking about the inside world. I suddenly bump into a boy, blonde hair, tan roots, quite muscular, his abs are so big, his shirt is almost too small for him, but it looks so good on him. "Sorry," he says. "Better watch where you're going, though."

I stayed there, looking so ridiculous. I didn't even notice the bell. What just happened? Who is he? Mystery boy? Wha- "Hanna!" My best friend, Alex, interrupts my beautiful thoughts of mystery boy. "Hanna, that's Seth Rollins! The senior hot guy dude you just bumped into is Seth Rollins!"(all u wrestling loverrs)

"That was... Seth Rollins?!" I said in shock, how did I not know that?! At least I do know that I'll never see him again 'cause he's a senior and I'm a freshman and he's way older than me and way more popular than me and and and- "School is over, Hanna. We're the only students here." Alex says. Oh. I check the time on my phone. 3:37. What. How much time has past?! My classes ended at 2:56. What. How. My mind is blown, so that means it'll never be blown again.


When Alex and I get to her house, her little sister, Andi, is playing with her tablet. When she sees me, she runs and almost trips on her Barbie doll. I slightly walk forward, but that turns into a leap to get in contact with her. I've known her since she was born. Her face has stayed the same since then. "Hanna!" She yells. "Hi, Andi!" I give her a quick but tight hug. "How old are you now, Andi?" I ask, even though I know. "I'm four!" She says, while putting 4 fingers up. "Wow!" I say in fake shock. She turned four last year in October. She has the same birthday as me. October 2nd. We had a birthday party together. She was so cute when she blew the candles out. I can remember every last bit of it. It's now that I realise she's tugging on the tip of my shirt, frowning, saying something about her... Boyfriend? What?

Hey guys! Sorry for the super short chapter, I just don't have a lot of inspiration to write. Comment down below if you have any suggestions for the next chapter. ;)

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