Easily Broken

A girl named Kiley wakes up in a place that she is unfamiliar with. Then ends up not being able to remember what happened, but someone finds her and helps her. They might end up being someone very important to her.
This is for 15+ but if you are younger and know you can read this then go ahead and read it. You have been warned.


6. Chapter 6

A week passes by and I definitely noticed that I've gained some weight. I'm getting worried. I'm too scared to take a pregnancy test and see the results. I did manage to talk to Kale about it. He seemed fine with it but he acted like it was nothing, which made me a little upset. But I tried to ignore it. 


"Hey Kiley we need to talk." Kale says do me sounding upset. Those words made me worried. But I respond and say. "Okay about what?" He sighs and says. "We need to figure out if you're pregnant or not because this is serious." I look down and say. "O-okay..." He gets up off the couch and walks out of the house leaving me sitting there alone.


I hate how Kale isn't acting his usual self anymore and it's making me upset. I really wish this never happened now. Then out of no where I hear someone knock on the door. But I don't want to answer it, because I feel as if it is someone bad. So I stay on the couch ignoring it. Then the knocks get louder. But I keep ignoring it. Then the knocks become banging so then I get up and open the door slightly. I see it was a boy who looked around Kale's age. So I open the door more and say. "Hello?" He looks at me and asks. "Do you know Kale?" I nod my head yes and say. "Yes and who are you?" "I'm his friend, I haven't talked to him in awhile so I wanted to come by and maybe chat a bit." I smile trying to be polite and say. "Well he isn't here right now. And I would appreciate if you would come by another time." He sighs and says. "Okay tell him that his friend Rickie came by." I nod again and say. "Okay bye." He gives me a gentle smile and says. "Okay thanks." He walks away and I close the door and flop onto the couch sighing. "That was a little unexpected." I close my eyes and lay calmly on the couch. I fall asleep waiting for Kale to get back from whatever he was doing.


I later then wake up to Kale pushing me a bit calmly trying to wake me up. I open my eyes and sit up while rubbing my eyes. I look at him. He gives me a box. "Here." I look at it and get nervous. "Please take the test I want to know." I look at him and say. "O-okay..." This makes no sense because he seemed like he didn't care when I was talking to him about it before but I still get up and walk to the bathroom reading the back of the box. Kale sits down on the couch I'm pretty sure he was nervous himself. I close the bathroom door. He stays quiet while a take the test. I wait for the results. I started shaking while thinking 'what will the test say?...'

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