Easily Broken

A girl named Kiley wakes up in a place that she is unfamiliar with. Then ends up not being able to remember what happened, but someone finds her and helps her. They might end up being someone very important to her.
This is for 15+ but if you are younger and know you can read this then go ahead and read it. You have been warned.


5. Chapter 5


Kiley's P.O.V.


It's been about a week since the whole fight between me and my family happened and now I'm basically moved out of my house, and I pretty much live with Kale. But I have started to notice something. I think I have gained some weight but I can't really tell yet. I think I know why but I really don't want to explain it to Kale. It would be a little awkward but he would have to find out sooner or later. He will probably notice I hope. 

Kale's P.O.V. 

I think I have notices how Kiley's stomach has gotten a little bigger, but I don't really know why though. So I don't think I have to worry too much. And I think it would be rude to bring it up too, so I'm just going to leave the whole idea of talking about it alone. 




I don't know why I got up to early I think it is like seven in the morning, and Kiley is still asleep. I roll over and look at Kiley. I think 'she looks so adorable when she sleeps.' I smile. I then lay on my back and look at the ceiling and think about what I should do today. I then sigh a little louder than I wanted to, because I didn't know. I close my eyes trying to go back to sleep. But then I feel someone rap their arms around me. I open my eyes and see Kiley holding me and smiling. "Good morning." She says still looking kind of sleepy. Which actually looked cute. "Morning." I say as I hold her as well and smile. I then kiss her cheek. "Did you sleep well?" I ask her. She replies, "Yep I slept well." I smile "Good" She then sits up and rubs her eyes. I giggle a little bit as her shirt is staying up showing her bra. When I giggled she noticed and blushed as she put her shirt back down. I then sit up myself and stretch. "Do you want to do anything today?" I ask. She responds and says, "I don't know." I sigh and say. "Okay..." She then looks at me and says. "Do you want to do something?" I lay back down and say, "Well yeah, but I don't know what we could do." She gets out of bed and stretched. "Okay, if you want to do something you gotta figure out what you're gonna do then." Kiley goes and gets some clothes and changed in the bathroom, while I'm still laying on the bed thinking. But I still can't think of anything. The best idea I got was to just go walk to the park and hangout there but that is it. Maybe she would like that idea, I don't know. But I'm going to figure out something. She comes back in the room and I say, "Would just going for a walk to the park be fine with you?" She looks at me and smiles. "That actually sound nice and it is pretty nice out." I nod and go to my dresser and look for some casual clothes to wear and I change. We wait a bit then we leave around ten or eleven. I hope this will be nice. 


We leave and start walking down the sidewalk. I look at Kiley and smile. She smiles back brightly. That made me happy, just looking at her beautiful face. I hope I'll be looking at her face forever. I get lost in my thought while we're walking. She then gets her headphones and starts listening to music. I could hear it a little bit, I'm pretty sure it was Adele, but I wasn't sure what the song was. She moves her lips to the lyrics slightly. I then smile happily watching her. She is so cute. 


Kiley's P.O.V. 


While we're walking I felt like listening to some music so I got out my headphones and I started listening to Adele. The song was "set fire to the rain" I smiled as that was one of my favorite songs by her. I start moving my lips to the words. After awhile we were about half way to the park. The next song came on, it was also Adele. It was "rolling in the deep" I liked this one as well. I started moving my lips to this song as well. But then Kale looks at me and says "Where did you learn how to sing?" I was a little surprised, because I realized I was singing out loud. I look at Kale and say. "I had choir in school." He smiles and then says. "Well you're really good." I smile at blush lightly. 


We get to the park and we go sit down under a tree. I become really happy as it is really nice out and the fact that I'm with Kale. I lay my head on his shoulder and he wraps his arm around me. "This is nice." I say quietly. He grins happily. "Yeah it is." I close my eyes and think. I wish we could stay like this forever. 

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