Easily Broken

A girl named Kiley wakes up in a place that she is unfamiliar with. Then ends up not being able to remember what happened, but someone finds her and helps her. They might end up being someone very important to her.
This is for 15+ but if you are younger and know you can read this then go ahead and read it. You have been warned.


4. Chapter 4


Kiley's P.O.V.


I hope Kale is coming. I'm screaming and crying at my parents because of what happened. They have no reason to be acting like this towards me, but they think it is okay and that I don't care when they say rude things but I'm literally breaking inside by what they say. They should be glad I'm alive. But they hate me. I was an accident, they tell me that when ever I see them. So now they are blaming me for my getting hurt. It just upsets me so much I want to punch them but I know it won't end well. The only good thing in my life at the moment is Kale. Why does this happen to me?...

Out of no where my dad slaps me, so hard I fall and hurt my leg again. I'm pretty sure he left a red mark on my face where he hit me. Then I heard banging on the door. I look at the door hoping it's Kale. My dad goes and opens the door and then walks out and slams the door behind him. My mom then walks out too. I then get up and go over to the window I can barely see Kale talking to my parents. I go over to the door. I then open it and Kale looks at me. He notices a red mark on my face and gets worried. I look down. Kale starts walking towards me and says. "K-kiley are y-" My dad steps in front of him and then he stops talking. "What are you doing?" My dad says. Kale gets a little annoyed as he says. "What do you think I'm doing I'm trying to see if she is okay." I look up and Kale looks at me for a second then back at my dad. "There is no need for you to see if she is okay, she is fine." Kale steps back and then says. "I don't think she is. Why would she have a red mark on her face, huh?" I then step over and push my dad out of the way so I can get to Kale. I hug Kale tightly not wanting to let go. Kale stops the hug and then looks at my dad. "Did you hurt her?" He gets mad then my dad says. "What, no, I would never do that." I give him a angry look as he just lied. I then say. "He is lying he hit me and I didn't do anything." Kale obviously believes me as he says. "If you touch her again I swear I will kill you." He then pushes them out of the way and takes me inside. "Get your things you are going to stay at my place." I could tell he was serious as he goes to my room. "O-okay." I follow him and I go get a bag to hold my stuff. He helps me get somethings packed up then we head back to the front door. My parents are still there. I walk out and Kale closes the door and he walks me to his house and my parents leave. "Why did you not want me to stay at my house?" He sighs and says. "First of all, your parents don't know where I live so they can't find you and hurt you again. Second of all, you don't have enough money to even pay your bills so you are probably going to have to move out anyway. So taking this stuff to my place could just help you move out of your place." "O-oh..." We get to his place and we walk inside and I unpack my stuff into his room. I sit down on his bed as I'm tired. "You tired?" He asks as he sits next to me. "Yeah..." He lays back and says. "Then you can sleep, and I'm tired too, so I'm going to sleep." I lay down and look at him. "Okay..." I smile gently and close my eyes as he lays with me and holds me close. He kisses my forehead and says. "Sleep well." I slowly fall asleep in his arms. I feel so safe with him. I never want to let him go.




Sorry that this chapter was so short. I've been very busy lately. 

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