Easily Broken

A girl named Kiley wakes up in a place that she is unfamiliar with. Then ends up not being able to remember what happened, but someone finds her and helps her. They might end up being someone very important to her.
This is for 15+ but if you are younger and know you can read this then go ahead and read it. You have been warned.


3. Chapter 3

Kiley's P.O.V.


After me and Kale 'did it' I've thought of him different. We act more like a couple. But we didn't know each other that well when we did it. We know each other well now, but I'm still worried. I'm just going to say we didn't have any protection. 

Today I'm hoping that I can go over to his house today, because I haven't talked to him in like a day. And it's been about a week sense we, you know 'did it' so I've been thinking of what I should do. I then pick up my phone and I call Kale. He picks up and says. "Hey what's up?" I then ask him. "Hi, so I was wondering if I could come over today?" I smile hoping he will say I can. "Hmm, I don't think I have any plans so yeah you can." I sit up as I'm happy. "Yay! So can I come now." I get off of my couch as I'm pretty sure that he will say yes. "Sure, see you soon, l-love you..." He ends the call. I smile because he actually said "love you". I start to leave and I leave my coat because his house isn't that far. I leave my house and walk outside. I start walking to his house, happily. While I'm walking someone starts following me. I didn't really worry too much because this was a pretty safe neighborhood. So I kept walking, but they got closer, and closer. I finally got to Kale's house, but once I turn towards his house that person grabs my arm. I was about to scream but they cover my mouth. Then they whisper in my ear. "You are not leaving this time..." I think for a second, then I realize, is this is the person who kidnapped me before! I then start squirming around trying to get free. He wouldn't let go of my mouth until I bit his hand. He then moved his hand as I scream as loud as I can. Then the guy starts pulling my away while purposely holding my breast. I then scream again, but louder. I then see Kale run out of his house, wondering what was happening. Once he saw me his eyes widened as he started running towards me. I was crying out loud at this point, and still trying to break free. Kale pulls out a pocket knife and it looked like it startled the guy holding me. Then out of no where I just felt something stab into my thigh, which was where the guy had one of his hands. Something started running down my leg. I literally collapsed as the guy just let me go. I held where he stabbed me as my hands got covered in blood. "I didn't want to do that but thanks to you I did." The guy makes a creepy grin as he says that. "I guess you might get away this time." Kale looks like he going to explode with how much anger has built up inside him. "You mother fucker you are going to die!" My vision starts to go blurry once Kale starts running towards him. I'm pretty sure Kale takes his knife and throws it because something flew past me. Then I hear someone get stabbed, but then I completely pass out. 


Kale's P.O.V.


Once I stabbed him I was so upset with myself, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't dead. I then run over to Kiley who is laying on the ground bleeding and unconscious. I take off my shirt and wrap it around her leg. "I-I'm so sorry Kiley that this happened..." I was silently crying as I run over to the street that was completely empty. I softly set Kiley down as I take out my phone and call 911. They ask me what happened as the ambulance is coming to help. I hope they believe me.... Or else I will be in trouble myself I thought. Kiley soon regains her consciousness as we are getting in the ambulance. I'm holding her hand tightly as I'm looking down quietly crying, and unaware that she is watching the tears fall down my clearly upset face. My plain white shirt is covered with Kiley's blood as they take it off her leg and they examine the wound. I'm still holding her hand as she says. "Don't worry I'm going to be fine..." I was a little startled as I didn't know she was awake. I look at her as my eyes are irritated and red. "I-I-..." I actually couldn't talk as I was acting like a baby. We get to the hospital, and the other guy did too. I was ready to kill him. But I knew if I did I would be in trouble. Kiley looks at him then looks at me. "I-I think he was the one who kidnapped me..." I look at her a little confused. "Huh?... Y-you sure?..." I follow them into her room. And for some reason they let me. "W-when he first grabbed me he said 'Y-you're not leaving this time' or something like that..." I was shocked as I said, "O-oh..." Then out of no where the guy starts running into the room with a surgical knife and tries to stab me then I dodge him as Kiley yells "Nooo" as she is scared. Then the cops, who came a little after the ambulance, grab him and take him away. I sigh in relief. I go over to Kiley and hug her tightly. "I should go talk to the cops. I'll talk to you in a second." She kisses my cheek and says. "Alright." I go over and I explain to the cops what happened and what Kiley said. All they do is nod. Then they went to the other guy. He explained what he did. And I'm pretty sure he told the truth as they come to me and say. "You are in no trouble, so you may go home now." I smile and sigh in relief. "Alright, thank you..." I say as I sprint back over to Kiley's room. Her and the doctor are talking so I wait. Once they finish I walk over to her and the doctor leaves. "So do you know what's going to happen yet?" She looks at me and says. "The doctor said I'm going to get stitches, and that is it really." I hug her and say. "Thank god it's not that bad..." She nods and smiles at me. "T-thank you Kale..." She says then kisses me. The doctors come in and I was told to leave. I did and waited until she was done. I fall asleep in the waiting room as I was exhausted. After awhile, one of the doctors wake me up. "Excuse me, but weren't you with Kiley?" I look at her and say. "U-um yes? Is she done?" She looks at me wondering what she should say. "Someone came and picked her up but she wasn't happy. They signed a paper saying that they were her parent. And that's all I know." I get up. "Alright I'll call her and see what's going on, thank you." I got a shirt from the hospital, thank god, because if I didn't have one all the girls would be all over me. I walked out and got a taxi. Once I got in I told them my address so I could get home and change. I then got out my phone and called Kiley. Someone picks up and says, "Hello, who is this?" I respond and say. "Kale, who is this?" I can hear Kiley repeatedly saying "Give me my phone!" He clears his throat and says. "This is Kiley's father-" Kiley takes the phone and says. "Sorry Kale this is a bad time if you want to talk you can come over to my house..." She then whispers into the phone. "Actually please come over I need you're help right now..." I get a little worried as the taxi just passed her house. "U-um just stop here please." He stops and I pay him. "Thanks bye" I close the door and walk to the door step as I already here yelling. I thought this wouldn't be good...

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